Tutorial and HOTD: She Bangs! (My DIY Bangs – Clip in Fringe)

I think I am showing my age again with a title including a Ricky Martin track but still it felt a perfect fit to be honest.

I have been mulling over for a while getting bangs cut in. My issue with fringes is that they make me look about 12! I have had a few cut in over my life time but generally since I was about 9 I’ve had no fringe. For everyone that’s been cut in I’ve grown it back out again. Even my girls don’t have fringes and for that very reason!

I then had a look about for some clip in fringes and to be honest there’s not a massive load out there or they are slightly over priced! Then I had a look on YouTube and came across 2 tutorials which I found really helpful. With their help I have created my own clip in bangs and have to say I am pretty impressed. This took me 30 minutes to make and the longest part was probably sewing the 2 wefts together (You can glue them according to one tutorial but I prefer sewing these type of things).

As a few people have already asked me today on Twitter how I was going to make my bangs I thought I’d share with you my results and links to the 2 YouTubers who’s videos I watched to make mine.

D0RK91 – DIY Make You Own Clip On Bangs…

Graysx – How to make a clip in fringe/bangs…

You will need;

Hair (You can buy this pretty cheap on ebay, doesn’t need to be long and obviously your colour)

Some thread (I am using thick hair extensions weft thread but in honest doubled machine cotton would do just a good of a job)

A needle which is sturdy enough to go through the wefts

2 or 3 Hair Extension Weft Clips (I used 3 although I think the videos said 2. 2 didn’t feel secure enough so I have 3 – 1 in the middle too)



Hair Straighteners (Handy for after you have made your bangs)

The 2 wefts sewn together with 3 clips attached.

The clip in bangs/fringe trimmed and ready to wear.

The Finished Result

The result, I have a full gorgeous set of Bangs! I’m going to call my bangs the ‘Kerry’ bangs. The reason why? Well, I have always admired my friend Kerry’s fringe (The very talented Kerry Ann Duffy, please check out her photography. She is an amazing photographer! Did I say extremely beautiful too and has amazing style – but she knows I think that LOL!) but don’t think I’d have the guts to get mine cut the same (I would just grown it out after all). They remind me of her full fringe look she was wearing in some shots a while back – looking too bloody amazing as usual!!

I really love my clip in bangs and seeing as they took no time to make at all I think are fantastic. Can’t wait to see what other hair styles I come up with now that I can wear them with, for now it was a quick messy up do.

At a guess the cost of making these is minimal and well worth it. I also feel it saves going through the pain of having bangs cut in only to hate it and spend months growing them out again. Also, you are sure to be able to make a few sets of bangs out of one lot of hair! So you could have multiple style bangs!

I hope this post is helpful to someone else!

Would you consider making your own bangs?

Mel xxxx