Herbal Essences Smooth and Soft Sensuously Smoothing Intensive Mask – A Mask of Softness

I have to be honest one of my favourite things I like to buy or be sent is hair products. I have had a fixation with hair since I was young; always wanting to try something new, different or see what all the fuss was about with a product. I guess due to all my experimenting after a while it took it’s toll on my hair. I haven’t had my own ‘natural no colour on my hair at all’ since I was about 12 or 13! But one thing I do take care over is my hair and that means lots of good quality shampoo and conditioners. Many people think that’s enough, but just as we all like to get pampered once in a while – so does our hair!

I was recently sent Herbal Essences Smooth and Soft Sensuously Smoothing Intensive Mask to try and review. I will be honest and say I have not tried any of the Herbal Essences masks but have used their shampoo and conditioners and was always pleased with the results so more than willing to give it a  go.

The Herbal Essences Smooth and Soft range is especially catered for Dry, Damaged and Frizzy hair. With Summer coming to an end and the damage from the sun not to mention every day styling the Smooth and Soft range can really help get your hair back into being gorgeous.

The Smooth and Soft Sensuously Smoothing Mask contains mandarin and pearl extracts and is designed to be used about once a week. Hair masks are applied after shampooing (You generally do not need to use a conditioner at the time when you are using a hair mask) while all the little hair shafts are up, so the mask can penetrate the shaft and get all the good ingredients in.

The packaging matches the Smooth and Soft range so is easily picked out in Boots, Superdrug or wherever you may be shopping. It costs around £4.00 but is currently on offer in Superdrug at £1.95!

The mask its self is a really pretty salmon pink and smells completely edible! All Herbal Essences products smell great but this one reminded me of fruity sweets, you could subtly smell the mandarin – it really is lovely.

It wouldn’t be a proper review though if I didn’t try it and tell you exactly what I thought and found now would it?

Firstly I shampooed my hair, I always like to lightly towel dry my hair before a mask as I feel too much water in my hair can maybe dilute the qualities of the mask. I applied a generous helping of Smooth and Soft Sensuously Smoothing Intensive Mask to my hair and worked it from roots to tips. Paying particular attention to my ends, really massaging it into them. I then laid back in the bath and let the mask do its magic for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. I then lightly towel dried my hair and let it dry naturally.

What can I say? The mask was brilliant! My hair firstly smelt gorgeous. Just like the mask but not in an overpowering way. I like lightly perfumed hair products as they make me feel my hair is fresher and this was perfect! My hair was super soft and shiny too. There was a definite gloss to it, even on the ends which were a little dry before the mask, but after were as soft as the mid lengths. What really impressed me was even after my next shampoo and conditioner my hair still felt in really amazing condition and I have been at the straighteners in a bad way between the mask and my next wash. The great thing about hair masks is when done regularly can help keep your hair in tip top condition and are great for those who do use styling tools regularly and are big fans of colouring (Especially with bleach!).

At £4 (or less if you can get it on offer) Herbal Essences Smooth and Soft Smoothing Intensive Mask is amazing value and a great treat for your hair. I think the 200ml tub would probably last my mid length hair about 7-10 applications. When I first used it I used more than necessary but since using it have found I needed half the amount! I will definitely be looking at the other hair masks in their range now too!

Have your tried the Herbal Essences

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx