HAUL: Mini Makeup/Hair Haul (MUA, NYC etc)

I’ve made a few orders and bought a few bits in town in the past few days so thought I’d share them with you.

I’ll start with my Superdrug order, this was the first time I had ordered off of the website as I prefer to look at things in the store. But my Superdrug didn’t do the MUA (Makeup Academy things) Pro things so had to do it online. I was really impressed as I ordered this late on Wednesday night and it arrive today! That’s really good service I think!

MUA (Makeup Academy) Goodies – Eyedust Shade 4, Eyedust Shade 5, Eyedust Shade 6, Professional Trio Eyeshadow in Innocence and Professional Eye Palette in Heaven and Earth.

I’ve not even opened these yet but they all look gorgeous! I really fancy getting all the eyedust colours as they looks beautiful and so rich in colour! The Pro Trio is gorgeous, I can’t wait to try this but I’m afraid the first thing for trying on my  list will be the Pro Palette of Heaven and Earth! I’ve seen so many blogs on this and comments on Twitter and I desperately wanted to try it. I’ve heard many compare it to Urban Decay Naked Palette which I don’t own so can’t do a comparison test but MUA palette is so versatile and I think will be great for most day to day wear – maybe it will even take over the no 1 place of my Sleek Storm Palette! I’ll review and do an EOTD asap on this one.

NYC In a New York Colour Minute Chelsea Polish, NYC Metro Quartet Eyeshadow in Union Square and NYC In a New York Colour Minute Greenwich Village Polish.

I’d not tried any NYC things but kept seeing them in Superdrug and wondering how they were. These bits were either on sale or very low priced online so I picked them up. The Chelsea nail varnish is more of a winter colour for me so I probably won’t use it yet, I loved the Greenwich Village as it was so vibrant (And if I hate it my daughters will no doubt love it!) Union Square looked very neutral and although I’d already got a lot the MUA neutrals I thought this one could be a good one too try as it was so cheap!

L’Oreal Eye Makeup Remover

Boring item goes too the eye makeup remover. I’ll be honest and say all I usually use it my cleansers and toners to remove my eye makeup but as I’ve been wearing more lately I thought I’d try one  as it may mean less scrubbing and less eyelash loss 😉

So that was my Superdrug order, I will definitely order online again as it was so fast and really well packed. Good value and you still get your Beauty Card points!

Today I went too town to pick up a few bits;

Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover

A rather boring item but I wanted to include this as its something I mentioned the other day in one of my posts. This nail varnish remover will take off pretty much anything! I swear its like industrial paint stripper. It takes off overlays and nail tips in about 15 minutes without scrubbing and can easily remove UV top coats. It is a rather drying remover and I would recommend a good cuticle and nail bed massage after with some cuticle oil just to put something back into them. But seriously I’ve never come across a remover like it and its only about £1.60!

Clairol Nice n Easy Perfect 10 Dark Blonde shade 7 Butterscotch Boom

I don’t think this item needs any introduction at all if you read my blog! I would have bought my Clairol Dark Blonde Shade 7 (Butterscotch Boom) from Superdrug but they never have this shade in my store so grabbed it from Boots. At present it’s on special and only £5.14 so well worth picking up. I just want to go over mine to darken the blonde highlights I have showing through on top but also cover my roots. I love this colour and I really love the formula as it doesn’t seem to dry my hair at all and also leaves it soft, shiny and looking great. I think this colour is one of the ones I get the most comments on for being so lovely.

Never to go into town without actually going into Superdrug;

Essential Face Wipes and V05 Give Me Texture

Some exciting buys as you can see but after my online order I didn’t really need much. I only went in for the Face Wipes as I use them to take off my makeup or a quick freshen up. The V05 was an after thought. I’d heard good things and felt the top of my hair had been a bit flat since I’ve grown my layers out. If it doesn’t work for me I’m sure Mark or someone will use it!

Here’s a couple of bits I picked up from Amazon;

Royal Natural Look False Eyelashes

You know how I love my false eyelashes! Well I saw these and I think they were about £3! I thought for that price even if they were crap and I wore them once I wouldn’t complain. I tried them this morning (After trimming them as they were too wide for my eyes) and the look so natural! Not the best made ones and I don’t think they would last more than maybe a couple of uses. I didn’t use the glue that came with them as I trust my Eylure glue over anything. Nice lashes and cheap and cheerful so can’t knock them.

W7 Light Diffusing Concealer

This W7 Light Diffusing Concealer is fantastic, it’s actually the second one I’ve had from them. They don’t last as long as some but for £1.99 I don’t think you can complain. I used to love my YSL Touche Eclat which my friend used to get for me when she worked at Stanstead Airport (Dirt cheap!!). I refuse to pay full price for that and went looking for a substitute. This is great, works just the same – maybe doesn’t last as long but at £1.99 you really can’t complain. For me W7 is the ‘Wannabe’ of the cosmetics world. Often basing their products along the lines of Benefit I have a few of their products and think they are great value for what they are. You can now buy W7 in Newlook although I still get mine off of a seller on Amazon as it’s cheaper and they ship quickly too.

My last item I bought from Amazon was some new white tips. They are actually quite good and last night I took mine off and put these ones on. I’m really impressed with them considering (Again) how cheap they were.

Not bad are they? This was just using my Rio Acrylic Dip set. So easy – it took me longer to take my nail tips off than do the new set (I’d ran out of the industrial nail varnish remover – see above LOL).

So that’s my haul. I also got 4 new tops from Warehouse but 2 are in the wash already. Their sale is brilliant if you have some money to spend and want a bargain or 2!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx