I was having a look at the Autumn/Fall hair trends for a little inspiration for a hair tutorial. Catwalk hair is always a great place to check out but not always that wearable! The long hair trends seems to consist of; slick back hair, low sleek pony tails, wind swept side buns and curls are sleek not messy.

I’ve been feeling creative for a little while so while browsing an idea popped into my head. I think this style can be done to the max for a night out but also played down for a daytime look. It’s actually fairy easy to do so I think many will be able to achieve this look if they like it of course! A little bit retro (Reminds me of the 80’s) and a little bit now, I hope you like it.

This tutorial is taken in pictures, please excuse my facial expressions I was having to time the shots and had no idea when they photo was going to be taken!

Inspiration: Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana and Loewe.

This is me before

You will need;

Long hair or a set of extensions to make your hair long and you own hair will need to be long enough to clip back in a high pony tail (You won’t be clipping it this way but this is just a guide). I used my Halo Hair extensions.

Hair brush and Brush/Comb for back combing

Hair grips, bobby pins whatever you want to call them

Hair Spray and some serum to get that ultra sleek shiny look with good hold

Optional; Curling Iron, Conical Wand (If you want to be curly) or Straighteners (For the Ultra Sleek) and Heat Protectant if you are using a heated appliance. I already had my hair straight using my Diva Professional Glamoriser; if you want to do the curl version I used it as a conical wand to do all the curling (In the locked barrel setting).

If you already have long hair and are not using extensions – move to step 4 and ignore the first bit!!

  1. If you are applying hair extensions, clip in the ones in the back as you normally would leaving the sides and top. I am using Halo Hair Extensions so have 4 extensions clipped into the back.
  2. Take a section from the top of your ear across the top of your head to your other ear and clip the front bit out the way. Now you are going to apply the clip in extensions vertically so the hair is going towards the back of your head.
  3. Now do the same again about 1″ forward and put the other hair extensions going towards the back of your head so your hair is flowing down your back vertically again.
  4.  (If you already have long hair this is where the tutorial will start for you). Unclip the front section and pull some hair forward. You are now going to back comb the hair to give it some root lift but want some hair to go over the back combing to hide it. Just back comb the to section, leave the sides as we want these sleek and pulled back tight with no volume behind them. REMEMBER – DO NOT BACK COMB THE HAIR EXTENSIONS!!! You are only back combing your natural hair.

  5. Once the top is back combed, spray with hair spray and allow this to dry. You may have to give it a couple of blasts as you want this body/volume to hold and stay.
  6. Lightly brush the ‘mock fringe’ back now so its covering the back combing and apply serum to the front section. You want it glossy, NOT GREASY looking.
  7. Imaging you have to side partings one either side take the front fringe area only back and ‘puff’ it slightly forward to make a quiff, don’t worry if you have any stray hairs we’ll get those in a minute with some hair spray using the brush to lightly brush them back.
  8. Secure the quiff with 2 grips/bobby pins in a ‘X’ like formation. Try and make it as neat as possible as these grips may show afterwards.
  9. Now we are going to take 1 side at a time back brushing them so they are smooth, spraying with hair spray to get rid of any loose fly aways and pin that over the ‘X’, lightly twisting the ends so it holds. You may be able to use the original pins that formed the ‘X’ if you have not got super thick hair!!
  10. Once both sides are back, twisted and pinned you will have something like below. You could leave it like this and just straighten it. I really liked this look but wanted to show the curly version. To get to this style from start too finish including clipping in the extensions and straightening the hair took 8 minutes.
  11. If you are doing the curly version of this tutorial you will now need to plug in your styling tool – I’m using the Diva Professional Glamoriser as a conical wand in the locked position on setting 160. Spray your hair (And the Extensions if you are using them) with heat protectant, brush through and allow it to dry before using heated appliances!!
  12. Sectioning the hair from the bottom up, you want to take small sections making sure the curls are fairly tight. Do not shake them out, let them cool and make sure they are even.
  13. Once you have curled the back completely all the way up too the hair grips/bobby pins and the curls have set and cooled, lightly shake your head. Run your hands through the curls lightly do not brush them (Less you want a more ‘Set’ glamour look). Apply hair spray and leave them. Curls need too look neat and well formed – natural looking.
  14. To get to this stage from clipping in the extensions and pinning the front of the hair to completely curling it took 15 minutes
I had a lot of fun doing this tutorial, its not often I do anything creative and wanted to incorporate a few things into it. I would more than likely wear the curled version for an evening. Maybe if I was going clubbing I would accentuate the quiff higher and make the curls super puffy and crazy! If I was out too dinner I’d leave them neat and tidy.
People think when you have hair extensions you can’t do much with them as clips will show,or your natural hair (If much shorter) will show and stick out like a sore thumb.One of the easiest ways to hide shorter hair is too curl it all as it blends better!
Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding some more tutorials for people on how to put your hair up with extensions as it wasn’t till recently that I learnt how to do a high pony tail with mine in! Not that I wear it like that and usually choose a messy bun. But there’s so much you can do!
Hope you liked the tutorial, is there anything you’d like me to try or show you for my next tutorial? Leave me a comment or drop me a message/email.

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Lots of Love,
Mel xxxx