Hair Envy : Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Over the years I’ve had many colours of hair, but my most common is blonde – namely as its my natural colour. Up until I had my first child I was a medium blonde naturally (Although often coloured it to a lighter blonde), but with each child my hair went darker through hormones. Strangely enough the same happened to my mum. Now my hair naturally is a dark ash (Almost colourless grey) blonde which is neither exciting nor attractive.

I do wonder whether being blonde is more fun though? From past experience especially with men they often think my intelligence is somewhat less when blonde – yes I’m being serious. Many friends in the past who were male (And yes I do mean friends) would often tell me things they would ‘think’ I don’t understand. Yes I was blonde but that didn’t mean my IQ dropped 50! Yet being a brunette, they were slightly more cautious. Could this be because of the whole ‘ditzy blonde’ cliche?

So, this post is dedicated to all the gorgeous blondes out there; whether natural or fake!

I think the one person who always springs to mind for me is the very beautiful Reece Witherspoon. With her colouring and beautiful beach blonde hair she always looks stunning. Reece’s hair is naturally blonde and her style effortless. Legally Blonde (2001) is a great example of the blonde stereo type – although I think her character (Elle Woods) demonstrated that even blondes can be smart, beautiful and sophisticated.

Taylor Momsen a beautiful (If somewhat over done at times) blonde. I often feel the extensions are a little too much. I remember cringing watching as Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl)  went from teen natural dirty blonde (Her natural colour I believe), to blonde (Almost) plastic fantastic. The platinum blonde was a sharp change and yet seemed to fit the character. Now when I look at her Rock Chick looks I think the look is her own and nothing to do with the character she played. I guess I liken her to the beautiful Debbie Harry from Blondie.

The queen of pop – Madonna. This lady with her gorgeous hair needs no introduction and has changed her hair colour possibly more times than I have! I remember the days of ‘Like a Virgin’ when I believe her hair was highlighted from her natural colour – a brunette. Still somehow with her colouring Madonna can pull of the blonde looks with ease. From the time of the Blonde Ambition tour when she sported platinum hair to her golden locks now – Madonna I salute you (And think you look absolutely amazing for your age too!).

I think of Anna Paquin and automatically think of her in X-Men, yet most these days can’t forget our Miss Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood (Season 5 starts June/July I believe). Anna is not a natural blonde but pulls of the beautiful colour with effortless beauty. I think  the blonde is more ‘her’ than her natural darker hair. You can’t help but think with Sookie’s often ditziness that again Blonde is a type casted hair colour. Should we blame the film and tv casting people for this oversight?

My last blonde beauty I think is beautiful is the gorgeous Ashley Benson. For those who don’t want Pretty Little Liars, she plays the character, Hanna Marin. Both on the show and in real life I love Ashley’s style. I also think her hair is gorgeous, especially in her new long length bob she has been sporting this year. I would describe Ashley’s hair as a golden beach blonde which is more ‘achievable’ than some blondes people try to obtain.

Achieving a blonde ‘do’ is different for all as it really depends on what colour you start with, there is also the option of how much blonde you want. Whether its platinum (Usually best with bleach and a toner after) or the more beach look (Highlights whether cap or foil can be great to achieve this).

Blonde doesn’t always mean ‘bleach’ either. High lift tins can achieve a significant lift in colour and are slightly less damaging. I think people are too quick to reach for the bleach when they want to be blonde.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo

Being blonde (If chemically treated to get there) means lots of TLC for your hair; do make sure you give your hair weekly conditioning treatments, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and if a platinum blonde I would also recommend using a toning shampoo (Purple based) to remove any brassy tones from coming through on your hair.

Before jumping up and thinking, ‘I WANT TO BE BLONDE’ think of the upkeep too. As a hair dresser the one colour blonde I have never been is platinum and this is purely because I colour my own hair. I would NEVER consider being this colour without getting my hairdresser to get me there and also maintain the colour. This can be an expensive process. If you have dark brown hair and want to be a light blonde you also want to be thinking about getting your roots done every 4-6 weeks so you don’t have that shocking regrowth look – yes on some it can look stylish but on many just looks tacky. Being blonde can be expensive.

Would I ever be blonde again? I would yes. I like being blonde I just hate the upkeep of it. Granted if I am a medium to darker blonde this isn’t too bad but anything lighter and I have to get my roots done quicker and faster. Still I will never say never say never to being blonde.

So in closing, do blondes have more fun? No more than any other shade. What they do have is a stereo type which can be both a blessing and a curse – this means different things for different people, so in the words of Big Brother, ‘You decide’.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx