Hair Envy time – I know it’s been too long! I know what you are thinking, its still Summer shut up woman! But, as we’ve now hit August it won’t be long before its Autumn (Or Fall) and the hair trends will change again (As will our clothes). So, I’ve been doing a little investigative search into what the hair trends for Autumn will be and which ones I’ll be having Hair Envy over.

Put a little Ommph in it – Volume is back with some curls again. Yes I love a bit of oompf and no I’m not talking about the scary 80’s poodle perms either! Big curls and volume aren’t something all of us are blessed with. But a few extensions and some heated rollers or a curling tong can get you on the way to looking like you were born with it! I adore big curls in Fall, its a quick way to add some glamour into your life without having to dress that way too!

The hair from Marc at Marc Jacobs *source*

The hair from Marc at Marc Jacobs *source*

Braids, Plaits and all that jazz – Heidi braids have been really big this Summer and the whole braid thing will remain big through the Autumn I feel. Smooth braids, whether you have a half up half down, all braided or a couple of small ones – braids will be big. Get creative with this one,french plaits, horse plaits, fish tail… I don’t think you can really go wrong with it!

Bella Thorne with her side braid

Bella Thorne with her side braid *source*

The Low Pony – This is a look anyone can pull really if you have enough hair to work into a pony tail. Best with a side parting (Rather than all scraped back over your head), this look is quick and easy. You can also work in the ‘faux bangs (Or fringe)’ look too with this style. Effort is minimal as it talent when it comes to this look – but its classic and classy. If its good enough for JLO its good enough for me.

Jennifer Lopez with her low pony

Jennifer Lopez with her low pony *Source*

The Messy Bun Evolves – For those of you who love the messy bun well Autumn will be a fun time for you. The messy bun has evolved slightly. Rather than wearing it piled on your head take a note from the low pony and wear it at the base of your neck. This bun is a little smoother and neater than a full on messy bun but isn’t the prim ballerina either. I think this works best with curls but anyone with a bit of length can do it – if you’ve not got the length use some hair pieces!

Jessica Alba - The low messy bun slightly disheveled but not a mess - Yes I'm lost too!

Jessica Alba – The low messy bun slightly disheveled but not a mess – Yes I’m lost too!

I do think this year there really is something for everyone. I know what you are thinking, “But Mel there’s nothing for us ladies with shorter hair?” True, but most things are adaptable. I saw the most gorgeous big hair chin length bob with curls that looked amazing. Granted the low pony may not be possible, but plaits even small ones are.

I love Fall mostly though because the weather changes and gets a little cooler. This means I’m not constantly wearing my hair up (Like I am currently, even as I type this!) and can get a little creative again!

Which style will you be wearing for Autumn?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx