Hair Envy 101: Scarlet Fever

I wanted to start a weekly feature and was thinking what it could be; then it dawned on me…. I often mention my  #hairenvy hastags on Twitter for different people. Whether they are stars, beauty gurus or just a random person I have seen when out and about I often will be filled with hair envy. You see we will always want what we can’t have, the grass will always be greener and I could sit here sprouting other phrases but you may think I’ve turned into Roy Walker (For those who can’t remember him and Catch Phrase LOL). So here is my first in my weekly posts of Hair Envy 101.


Yes you read that correctly and no I’m not talking about the illness! I have always loved red hair, what’s not too love really? I’m not talking ginger, but a bright ‘That is so not natural and obviously came out of a bottle’ red. I have been that colour, back when I was training as a hair dresser. The colour of choice then was Goldwell’s 6R.

Nowadays (I sound so bloody old when I say that!) there is more choice when it comes too colouring and more options (We never had Colour B4 back when I was a hair dresser) and people are more experimental. When I think of the crazy reds I think of Rihanna and Kat Von D (Back in the day). Both stars have ditched their red locks now but that doesn’t mean the colour isn’t still amazing!

Being a bright red head is definitely a head turner but there is some things you have to take into considerations. For starters maintaining your hair at this level of beauty and richness and keeping that red is pretty hard. You need to be investing in some good red shampoo and conditioner, although don’t be washing your hair too much – this will just strip the colour out.

You also have to bare in mind you will probably need too ‘refresh’ and re colour in about 3-5 weeks and I’m not just talking from the regrowth either. This amazing colour will fade. Don’t forget putting tint on tint will make the colour darker so please make sure you see a professional or have a friend help you otherwise your beautiful red locks will start looking like deep red brown ones.

If you are like me and an extensions wearer, matching those red locks may be a little hard too. In my opinion I would probably get a set of medium blonde extensions and colour them red myself. Again if unsure, seek a professional! Many salons which stock extensions have experience in colouring them.

Going red doesn’t have to be permanent, you can take the easier route and use a lasts ‘x’ washes colour. A couple of my favourite red colorants (Non Permanent) ; L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Berry Red 565, Jermome Russell Punky Colour Cream in Red.

However, I’m an all or nothing girl and if I was too take the plunge it would be permanent colour all the way! Here’s a few shades I’ve came across shopping with envy; Garnier Nutrisse Mousse 4.6 Deep Red, Schwarzkopf Live XXL Real Red 35, L’Oreal Feria by Preference Plum Power 37 P37 (I’ve included this as it may be a plum shade but my god does it look gorgeous!) and Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color – fiery red 6.60.

Garnier Nutrisse Mousse 4.6 Deep Red (Not a in your face vibrant one but I really like this)

Still I think all these colours are amazing and as much as I hate running red through my hair as its a nightmare to get out (Even Colour B4 doesn’t remove it all and I end up bleaching) the temptation is always there. At 36 I think I’m a little old for some of these ‘tones’ of redness now but I won’t say I’ll never go red again!!

Would you embrace the cherry redness?

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx