Following on from my previous hair envy post Getting Warming For Winter (Post Here), I wanted to show you some hair colours or dyes on the market which could give you those warmer hues if you too want to go Warmer for Winter.

Hair Envy 101 Getting Warmer For Winter

The reason I decided to do a part 2 to this post is namely down to insufficient posts out there. Like many of you, when I want to try something new I will often research it. Not just from a professional point of view but also from a regular person wanting to colour their hair too. See, I can easily walk into my wholesalers and buy my hair colours – in fact I already have the 2 dyes picked out for my hair colour change into auburn. But, I also know I will get asked about pharmacy/drugstore hair dye brands that will give you a similar result.

Holland Roden - My current hair goal

Holland Roden – My current hair goal

What really surprised me was the sheer lack of posts on going ‘warmer’ unless you are going for a bright red (Think Rihanna or even my last red journey – post here). So, after trawling the internet, I have pulled together some hair colours for various shades of blondes and brunettes which will get you warmer for the changing season. Please bare in mind I have not tried these products and this is not a review.

Superdrug Effects in

Superdrug Effects in (l-r) Warm Copper 7.34, True Chestnut 5.4 and Rich Red 6.4

So, you are lucky enough to have warm hair already, but just want to enhance it. Or you have achieved your colour and want to help with fade. Superdrug have got you covered! I love these Toning shampoos. I have used 2 of the blonde shades before and can vouch they do work. Priced ridiculously cheap at £1.29 you can use them every wash or just when you want to top up that shine and tone. They are VERY gentle and can build up over time, do not expect a drastic change using these, they just enhance your colour.

L'Oreal Castings Creme Gloss in (l-r)

L’Oreal Castings Creme Gloss in (l-r) Sweet Honey 830, Rich Honey 734, Amber 645 and Chestnut Honey 634

Starting with the semi/quasi hair dyes. Maybe you don’t want to do this permanently, fancy a small change or want to see what it looks like first. I was disappointed to see there wasn’t that much on the market for the auburn wannabees out there, but L’Oreal came to the rescue with their Casting Creme Gloss in 4 shades I felt would work. Nothing intense here and Sweet Honey 830 isn’t strictly warm, but very golden. The Rich Honey 734 is close to the colour shade I am using on my own hair soon. The Casting Creme Gloss colours last about 24 washes and wash out. Bare in mind with their warmer colours if you are applying this onto lighter hair (Especially hair that is bleached or damaged) you are likely to get some ‘staining’ on the hair once they have washed out. You can often find them on offer if you shop about (Currently 2 for £10 in Superdrug) and cost around £6.49 each.

Now for those wanting to go permanent I thought I would break this down into brands. These are not all the brands on the market, nor their whole colour hair dyes ranges they do either. These are the ones that stood out for me for those of you who want to get to that auburn shade.

Garnier Products; Nutrisse 7,64, Nutrisse Ultra 7.64 and Olia 7.4

Garnier Products; Nutrisse Copper Blonde Red 7.64, Nutrisse Ultra Intense Copper 7.64 and Olia Intense Copper Blonde 7.40

Starting with Garnier I was surprised they seem to favour the red head (Brighter reds like my previous reviewed Fiery Red – Post here), still I found these 3 which are all around the 7 shade, so a dark blonde/light brown colour. Although I didn’t get on with Olia the first time I used it I have also said I felt it was more the choice of colour than the brand its self. I feel their Copper Blonde 7.40 is probably the nicest out of the 3 shades. Prices for Garnier Nutrisse are around £5.49 (Again nearly always on offer in Superdrug, at present 2 for £9) and Olia is usually around £6.99.

Nice'n Easy in (l-r) 108,109a, 110, 104 and 118b

Nice’n Easy in (l-r)  Golden Auburn 108, Warm Auburn 109a, Light Auburn 110, Honey Blonde 104 and  Caramel Brown118b

Out of all the brands, when it comes to more wearable colours Nice’n Easy in my opinion have the best colour variations available. I found 5 good shades amongst their Colour Blend range. My favourite is probably Golden Auburn 108, but all shades pull some warmth, some more gold, some more orange and the Caramel brown I feel has a small amount of red. Something for everyone maybe as it should have you covered from the medium blonde to the medium brown. Nice’n Easy costs around £5.99 each and like most hair dyes in Superdrug is on offer regularly (Currently at 2 for £10).

L'Oreal Feria in (l-r) 74, P76 and P50

L’Oreal Feria in (l-r) Mango Intense Copper, 74, Pure Spice P76 and Pure Amber P50

I admit to struggling a little with L’Oreal Feria. They are my ‘go to’ brighter brand (Try saying that after a few drinks!) when it comes to colouring and don’t really do ‘subtle’. Still I picked these 3 colours. Many of their warmer colours are red based, these were the best of the bunch for more auburn colours. These are for the girls who want ginger or red and want to stand out – they are not for your shy wall flowers – oh no. The Mango Intense would work amazingly on medium/dark blonde hair and the other shades would be more for your dark blondes to medium brown girls (Or guys – I don’t just write these posts for the ladies!). Feria is usually around £5.79 but at Superdrug now is currently available with £1 off at £4.79.

Superdrug Permanent Range (l-r)

Superdrug Permanent Range (l-r) Salon Radiance Medium Red Blonde 8.34, Salon Radiance Intense Red 77.44, Vibrance Mango Copper Burst 7.4, Vibrance Rich Gold copper 8.34, Vibrance Passionate Red 66.46 and Performance Natural Golden Copper Brown 6.34

For the girl on a budget who still wants a good hair dye, Superdrug are probably my favourite own brand (I have never gotten on with Boots own brand hair colours). I found a good variation of different types of hair dyes although often in the same colours if you look at their numbers. I really like the Red Blonde 8.34 and Mango Copper Burst 7.4. Those are the 2 that stood out to me, but this is about preference and what you want out of your hair. Varying prices on their colours but all of these are under £5.09! Which I think is pretty good value and again, nearly always on offer!

John Frieda Precision Colour Foam in

John Frieda Precision Colour Foam in Lightest Copper Brown 6.5 and Medium Copper Brown 5C

For those who like a Mousse formula I decided on John Frieda Precision Foam. I have used their colours many times and found them really good (AS LONG AS YOU USE ALL THE MIXTURE EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU DON’T NEED TO!). The 2 shades I chose will both be fairly suitable for dark blondes and lighter brunettes. I really like the 6.5C shade! These are £6.99 each and as with nearly everything else on this post which I REPEAT is NOT sponsored by Superdrug, I am just using them for pricing info on the website.

Live Color XXL Ultra Brights Fiery Copper

Live Color XXL Ultra Brights Fiery Copper

The last colour I wanted to include had to be for the girl who really wants to stand out and turn heads – Fiery Copper from Schwartzkopf Live XXL Ultra. Wow, this is what you call tangerine. Still it is amazing and if I was younger… Maybe? Still, I have not tried this colour or brand so can’t comment on performance, what I can say is they nearly always give VERY bright results – so be warned! £5.49 and on offer (I am saying nothing more about Superdrug and offers!).

So, there you have it really. A HUGE collection of different variants of Ginger, Strawberry Blonde, Auburn and Titian (Hmm, maybe not so much Titian as it is truly hard to recreate). There should be a colour for everyone.

Bare in mind that if you have ANY colour/dye on your hair previously this will effect the colour result. Also remember, if you are a darker brown and want to go to a lighter auburn you may need to lift your hair first to get there and then tone.

Also, I say this time and time again but PLEASE DO A SENSITIVITY TEST before colouring (This is done 48 hours before). You should also do a strand test before colouring too to see how long development should be and also it gives you a good indicator of the final colour result.

Lastly, these products are only suggestions. I can’t be held responsible for anything you chose to do to your hair. If you are EVER in doubt, go to a hairdressers.

Right, that concludes part 2 of my Getting Warmer for Winter post. The last one I do may well be a video based one as it will be when I colour my own hair auburn.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx