One of the most popular searches on my blog I think is anything HAIR related. No surprise really I guess. Some of the searches that find my blog are about colouring – a good 70% I’d say. With that in mind I am dedicating this Hair Envy to Colour and want to say one of my favourite motos when it comes to hair colour, ‘Don’t be afraid of Colour’.

For decades people have been colouring their hair, yes there’s some really scary ways to do it from back in the 1920’s when it became very popular to colour your hair. But, in the last 90+ years of hair dyes they have REALLY come a long way. Now I’m not saying you should run other there and do something drastic – far from it. What I am saying with this post, is there are many ways you can add some colour to your hair – some drastic, some subtle and it really depends on the person as to how far they feel comfortable going. What I am saying is you don’t need to do something drastic and scary to give yourself a change.

Blonde – Probably my favourite blonde, Blake Lively. This girl is attractive, alluring and but somehow seems to have that effortless style. Blonde hair ranges in some many shades, I think people all too often think of blonde and think of platinum or very light blonde hair. But surprisingly on a colour chart shade 7 is a dark blonde and still classed as a blonde.

If you are a natural blonde, embrace it! My mum used to go nuts at me for colouring my blonde hair. ‘People pay good money to get their hair your colour, ‘ she would say and she’s right they did. But we are never happy with what we have. So, here’s some tips for mixing up blonde hair a little.

  • If you are a dark blonde, why not add some highlights and get the ‘beach’ sun kissed look? It doesn’t have to be heavy, subtle looks great and it will brighten your complex too.
  • If you are a light blonde, do the reverse! Get some low lights in there, subtle ones I’m not talking black or dark brown. Toning down bleach or light blonde hair can make it look less harsh and give you definition and movement.
  • Sometimes you just want to add some ‘shine’ and a hint of colour, so why not use a semi permanent dye? Changing the ‘tone’ of your hair and not the actual depth colour can be a great way for mixing up a look. It doesn’t have to be permanent!

I know its all too easy to reach for the bleach, I’ve been there and done it! But let’s be honest we don’t want to make the same mistake as Miss Lohan and look washed out and twice our age now do we?

1 word – euugh?!

I’ll be honest and this is a taste thing, I don’t really like ultra light blonde hair. Even natural, it can look fake. I like the medium golden blondes. That’s my favourite colour.

Many blondes get that brassy look, I know I do when I’m blonde but this is namely as I have warm strawberry blonde undertones in my hair natural (Along with gold and ash – yes my naturally blonde hair never did look natural!?). One good way to help these nasty tones you may hate is by using a purple toning shampoo. One of the ones I have in my bathroom permanently (I use this even on my brown hair when it gets a bit brassy to remove the tones) is John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo (They also do a matching conditioner which is pretty good too on those blonde locks!). I generally use this every wash till I have the brassiness under control and then probably every other wash (Or at least once a week depending on how frequently you wash your hair).

So, you are blonde and bored what can you do? Well, why not add a semi permanent dye to your hair – something subtle to give it some shine?

Casting Creme Gloss Glossy Blondes – These semi permanent colours are really quite good. They have a nice range of different tones. They won’t lighten your natural hair but they will tone it (And can darken it depending on the shade of your hair colour at present). Very good for adding shine and glow to hair without the damaging effects of a permanent hair colour. They are designed to wash out and fade gradually without regrowth.

Word to the wise though – IF you have more than 10% grey hair I WOULD NOT use these! They don’t cover grey very well at all.

If you want to change the tone and not the depth, always pick a shade that lighter than your actual hair colour. Also remember, if you have tint on your hair or previous colour, adding additional colour over the top will make it go darker – so as well as your 48 hour sensitivity test make sure you do a strand test too so you know what development time you will need!

Please remember, you are beautiful as you are and your hair is only minor reflection of you! Be safe when colouring too, just google hair colour reactions and you’ll see waiting 48 hours and doing a sensitivity test could really be life saving!

Well, that wraps up my don’t be afraid of colour – blondes piece. I’ll be adding brunettes next – maybe it’ll mean I colour my hair again!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx