Hair Envy 101: Curly Locks, For Girls Who Want Curls

There once was a girl, who had a little curl… Alas though that wasn’t me. For years when I was little I had the straightest hair known to man. My mum would tell me how people ironed their hair in the 60’s to get it that flat when all I wanted was curls just like my Mum. I’d eat my crusts (Because apparently that would give me curls), my mum would braid my hair or crimp it and it would fall out within minutes.

Me when I was about 6 years old

It wasn’t till I was about 10 years old maybe 11, that I had what was called a ‘demi-wave’ perm – this was a perm that was milder than a normal perm/less damaging and could give your hair some body and volume (Plus curls when wet). After that, as big hair was the trend back in the 80’s/90’s from then on I had perms to give me those curls till I was about 17!

15 Years old with the classic poodle perm and back combed fringe (I thought at the time this actually looked good!)

From that point on I did experiment but never had a perm again and I’ll be honest, this day and age I don’t think you really need too (Less you do have SUPER FINE hair and want to have that body and volume in place to help with holding a style). There are so many tools on the market that can give you what you need to achieve curls I kind of feel they are reserved for the granny’s at the hair salon.

These days curls come in all different shapes and sizes;

The Afro – The beautifully talents (Also what I’m listening too while writing this post) Erykah Badu

Ringlets/Spirals – Miss Rihanna, rocking the red with her curls

Soft brushed out – Rosie Huntington Whiteley pulling the romantic soft curls look

Big and Bouncy – The beautiful latin queen, Jennifer Lopez.

Loose and voluminous waves – Khloe Kardashian with her amazing waves

You name it you can achieve it (Granted you need the right tools and for some, extensions too). I’ve tried most curls although not afro as I’d never pull it off – although I think a natural ‘fro looks amazing!

So my hair envy post today is all about the girls and their curls. No matter what shape or size the curls come in I think all these ladies are beautiful. Whether natural or enhanced the curls look flawless, almost effortless. Although you know a stylist probably stood there an hour working on these beauties!

When working to achieve curls, here’s a few products I recommend;

Denman DHH4 Extra Large Head Hugger £9.40

It may seem kind of old school, but my boss always swore by round headed brushes. In fact he wouldn’t use a curling iron at all! It was this or rollers. I still use a large round headed brush to blow dry my hair. It gets great volume, great curls and can also do a brilliant straight blow dry too!

BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Heated Hair Rollers £29.99

My mum bought me a set similar to these about 8 years ago and they are still going strong! Heated rollers are great as you can apply them to your dry hair, get ready and then take them out after the curls have set. They can create an array of different sized curls depending on the section. For those on a budget, velcro or plastic rollers is also an option. You would however need to put these in your hair while it is damp or with some product in.

Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand Ci95 £25.49

Conical wands are now available across different brands and prices vary. I actually use another tool I own as a conical wand which I’ll mention later. These are great for creating all different types of curl. You can do tight small ones or large bouncy ones, it all depends on the section sizes. Another great thing I find with conical wands is the speed you can do your hair. They are also (In my opinion much easier to use than traditional curling irons).

Toni and Guy TG5388UK Curl and Wave Tong £14.30

Curling irons or tongs whatever you would like to call them come in all shapes and sizes. The one here is the Toni & Guy 38mm so nice and chunky. I have a 30, 20 and a 15mm in various brands. These are super quick to use but the ‘clip’ can be fiddly for some. Many don’t bother using the clip and will actually wrap the hair around like you would a conical wand. My favourite without a doubt and I use it in many tutorials is my Babyliss Glamour Wave (Here’s a tutorial I did using mine). They have come down a lot in price since I bought mine, but it was a good investment and I still use it on a weekly basis.

Diva Professional Glamoriser Multi Styler £89.99

This is probably my favourite styling tool I own. Multi tools are great as they can achieve an array of styles and you only need one tool for the job. I reviewed the Glamoriser (Review Here) last year and its been out on my desk ever since. I guess I mostly use it as a conical wand, but you can also use it to create all different types of curls plus it straightens your hair too! The other great thing is it has a setting for hair extensions, so you won’t fry them! They aren’t cheap, but its a worthwhile investment in my books and a styling tool I couldn’t do without. I have done numerous tutorials and youtube videos on how I use it, so if you are unsure please check them out.

BaByliss 2082U Pro 230 Straight and Curl Hair Straighteners £29.99

Ok for some I know what you are thinking, I thought we were creating curls here and not straightening our hair! Well you can also curl your hair with a straightening iron too. I own the Straight and Curl from Babyliss and absolutely love it. It really is great for creating tight and loose curls (Plus straightening your hair too). Last week I curled all my hair in tighter curls with my straighteners….

My hair curled with my Babyliss Straight and Curl – Straighteners Method

There is of course the more traditional methods of curling hair; plaiting/braiding, rags, the sock bun etc.

Lets be honest girls, whatever the time of year, whatever the trends… There will always be curls!

Do you embrace your curls? Or maybe you are like me and have to creating them yourself?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx