Can you believe the title of my post? Could it be true?

I have such high expectations with a mascara; I don’t care if its ridiculously expensive or the cheapest of the cheap, as long as it lives up to its claims thats what matters to me!

It was a total fluke I got this mascara. After having my brows threaded the other day I was paying at the till in Superdrug when the lady asked me if I want a Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Cat Eye Mascara for £5.99. I thought about it and said no. She then went on to the big ‘selling spiel’ and I was feeling ‘weak’ so said ok I’d have one. I’d not had a Maybelline mascara for ages yet it was my one go to brand a few years back. At worse I’d lose £5.99 and it would be rubbish. How wrong was I?!

The packaging is bright orange and yellow, you seriously cannot miss this mascara when searching through a Maybelline stand. To match the bright packaging you also have a nice bright yellow tube of mascara with a reddish leopard print lid. I like bright packaging as its easier to find in a dark makeup bag!


The wand is curved so perfectly shaped for lashes. It wasn’t huge or too small so was good for my eyes and meant it wouldn’t over power me when using. I do like a big brush on my mascara but with my average lashes it can be a bit OTT and mean more mess than volume and length! The bristles were a nice shape and I could tell already they would cover my lashes well.

The Colossal Volum’ Exress Cat Eye Mascara did not have a heavy ‘plastic’ like smell that I find with most mascaras so would probably be ok on sensitive eyes.

Here are my lashes bare of mascara – boring aren’t they!

I tried the mascara out with 1 coat first of all, it glided on really well. Wasn’t too wet or thick (I find with volume mascaras they can be clumpy but not with this one!). I liked the first application.

After 1 coat my lashes looked good. I was impressed with the length I was getting, they looked longer and fuller but not clumpy at all. I loved that the brush also managed to get right into the roots.

I applied a second coat as I know some people love to apply more than one – just to see how much more volume and length we could get!

With the second coat I was even more impressed! Not wanting to push my luck and go for a third (Although I think you could and still get away without them looking clumpy!) I stuck with 2 coats and loved the results.

As with most mascaras I’ve ever tried its not just about the effect you get from a mascara. What about fall out? Do they smudge bad? Do you look like a panda after an hour?

Well this is where I was most impressed! I put this mascara on yesterday morning at 7:30am. 12 hours later I went for a bath and was taking my makeup off when I noticed my mascara looked EXACTLY the same as when I had applied it. No smudges, fall out or panda eyes! Seriously I could not believe it at all! The only time I have EVER found this is by applying Clarins Lash Fix over my mascara too make it waterproof.

So all in all I got length, volume and a mascara that didn’t smudge or make me look like I have black eyes for £5.99! I have used it daily since and can honestly say it beats everything else I own (Even my Chanel de Sublime)! I can’t see me changing it for a while now as I love the effect I get with my lashes and how it lasts throughout the day – thankyou Superdrug lady for talking me into buying it (Even if you were probably on commission!).

Have you tried the new Colossal Cat Eye Mascara from Maybelline yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx