I didn’t want to put this post up straight away as it would seem a little premature otherwise, but I finally filmed my YouTube video on how I gave up smoking, why I did it and have included some tips for others who may be considering giving up smoking or who have and just want a little extra support.

I don’t want anyone thinking here that I am preaching about giving up smoking and how you shouldn’t smoke!! Smoking as with anything is a personal choice, I have nothing against smokers and its their right too smoke. This post and video is purely for people who want to give up or would like some tips from someone who has.


In the video the image of my NHS QuitSmoking iPhone application doesn’t show very clearly and wouldn’t resize, so I am including it again here.

I really hope my video helps someone. Remember its a long battle but anyone can give up smoking and there is plenty of support and help out there if you want/need it!

Do you smoke? Would you consider giving up?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx