Garnier Olia B+++ Super Blondes Extreme Bleach

When it comes to bleach, I’m a bit of a snob. I tend to stick with what I know. Box dyes aren’t the best bleaching kits out there and results vary. More often than not this has more to do with expectations and not the product. I’ve not had the best experiences with Olia products before, but a friend swears by this bleach. Her results really do speak for themselves (A perfect platinum). So, I decided to put on my big girl panties and test this stuff out on my fresh new cut. Do you like it?

Maximum lightening performance from Olia. Up to 8 tones lift. Unique sensorial application. No ammonia. Non-drip velvety cream. Delicate floral fragrance.

At Garnier, we know that oil can do much more than just condition your hair. Our first ever oil-based bleach gives you a luminous, long-lasting blonde with maximum lightening performance.*source*

Olia Bleach comes with pretty standard products, if you’ve ever bought a bleach box dye before. You have instructions, gloves, developer (1), bleaching cream (2a), bleach powder (2b) and the conditioner for afterwards (Plus future uses). I personally prefer to mix my bleach on a bowl. Using the application bottle with the bleach makes no sense to me it does not get mixed properly. Plus application with a brush is more accurate (Just saying). As with all colouring products, make sure to do a strand test before commencing colouring and sensitivity test 48 hours before.

Garnier Olia B+++ Super Blondes Extreme Bleach Shade indication chart


Development time varies from person to person. The strand test is handy as it would give you a good indicator. Seasoned bleachers out there may do it on sight, that’s what I personally do but find usually the 30-40 mark is enough on me. It also depends on what you are hoping to achieve. My goal is pale yellow and then toning. Bleaching is a journey and RARELY YOUR FINAL DESTINATION! You will nearly always need to tone after bleaching.

Garnier Olia B+++ Super Blondes Extreme Bleach – Before using product

I left the Olia bleach to develop 40-45 minutes. This was adequate for me to reach pale yellow (Ready for toning platinum). I found this bleach to have a pleasant floral scent. It’s a white based bleach so easier to see how its developing. During processing my scalp was slightly tingly and itching, but not sore. After rinsing my hair well I then followed with the conditioner and dried it. I did notice after that I had 3 large blister like spots come up on my neck. This has happened before when I had a reaction to bleach. My scalp feels fine for a change, there is no dryness there at all. So that was a plus point for me with this product for sure.

Garnier Olia B+++ Super Blondes Extreme Bleach – After. NO TONER APPLIED!

As promised in the video and as much as it pained me I did not apply a toner. I did not use purple/silver shampoo. My hair is pale yellow so perfect for toning. I did this so you can really see what the bleach could do. I do prefer professional products for toning after bleach but feel this would tone nicely to platinum with just shampoo.

To conclude this review I can’t really fault this box dye bleach. Garnier have really turned out a good one with the Olia B+++. Its reasonably priced, the results were good and my hair looks great too. It has a thumbs up from me, although I don’t know if it will replace my Blondor just yet.

Garnier Olia B+++ Super Blondes Extreme Bleach can be purchased from Supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug. It costs around £6.99