Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Having tried the Garnier Ultralift Serum & Cream and loved it, I was super happy to see the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream in my recent Glamour Power List box. I’ve been using this a couple of weeks now and I wanted to share my findings on the cream.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Here is some information on the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream…

From the 1st Morning: Skin appears to look De-Tired.

Its innovative, self-smoothing texture envelops the skin and visibly helps reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue during the night.

Visible results from the 1st morning:

Skin feels intensely re-hydrated.

Skin looks less tired.

Complexion looks fresh and radiant.

Night after Night: Skin Looks Visibly Younger

The anti-ageing/anti-fatigue formula contains a complex combining 7 ingredients LHA, Adenosine, Albizia, Hyaluronic Acid, Ruscus Extract, Jojoba Oil and essential lavender oil and helps reduce the appearance of the signs of ageing/tiredness.


Now as you can see from above, just like many skin care products this one has some pretty bold claims right? To say you’d notice a difference the first morning after using the product is huge and that’s without the whole looking radiant, anti ageing and helping with the signs of fatigue. To say I was sceptical was an understatement. Let’s be honest, skin care does have a habit of bigging products up to fall a bit short doesn’t it.

Well, after the first night (And let me also add I don’t sleep well at all these days and look exhausted a lot of the time due to my RA), I really did notice a difference. To the point I wish I’d taken pictures.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Firstly my skin feels AMAZING each morning. Its super hydrated but not in a  ‘greasy’ or oily way. The dry areas around my nose aren’t visible, my skin looks fuller and dare I say more youthful? I would say I look more awake, not as ‘grey’ and awful looking as normal. I would say my skin looks more radiant. I obviously can’t comment on the anti ageing claims as firstly I don’t really have wrinkles at the corners of my eyes etc (Good genes in our family), but would say my skin does look younger in that its firmer even after just using this for 2 weeks.

I can’t get over how light this product feels either and I don’t just mean on the skin. The product comes in a 50ml tub and it weighs next to nothing. On the skin it glides on, but doesn’t really feel like you are wearing anything.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Seriously, this product has blown me away a little. I don’t like to buy into hyped products and especially when a product is affordable and easily available I often will question whether it would work, but for me the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream really does. I’d be interested in seeing how it performs on more mature skin than mine, but will say for those showing the first signs of ageing, this is highly recommended in my books and I’m definitely going to repurchase once its all gone. Granted I didn’t technically buy this first one as it was part of my Glamour Box (Although that was £19 odd, so maybe you could class it as a paid purchase?), so not something I would have necessarily chosen if I had been out shopping, but I’m glad I’ve tried it now and will continue to use it!

The Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream costs around £12.99 for 50ml of product, at present its on offer in Boots for £9.99.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx