Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light

Today’s review is on the Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light and how I’ve found using it this past month. This is going to be a mixed review with pros and cons about the palette as it is a great product, but with a few draw back.

Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light

Here’s what Freedom have to say about the Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light…

Pro Conceal Palette – the “Makeup Artist’s Secret Weapon” in a kit format for
ease of professional use. Containing 6 cream concealing shades. Collections to suit every skin tone.


I use concealers every day like many people. I cover blemishes, highlight areas of my face, conceal my dark circles and cover any discolouration my foundation doesn’t sort. Admittedly there are very few (I can name 2 off the top of my head) concealers I’ve ever used that I find work well for the face and under eye concealing, but finding a palette that does just that of course is a huge bonus I feel. So, when I started using the Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light I was amazed that I could just reach for that palette and BOOM, I didn’t need any other concealers. However, with constant use I did also notice a few draw backs.

The palette contains 6 shades, I have it in the light version and would add that light to possibly medium skin tones could use it although those medium skin tones it would be more for the highlighter of the face side.

Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light

So, as I started out saying, there are some pros and cons (Or should that be good and bad?) points to this palette…


  • It blends lovely, these products are really creamy and blend to a nice finish with a damp sponge/beauty blender
  • Coverage is build-able which means you don’t tend to look cakey and can put more product on where you need it
  • There are 5 shades ranging from super light to a light/medium skin tone, plus a yellow toned concealer. So its has multi uses and works well for concealing/brightening the under eye and covering blemishes.
  • You can easily mix the concealing shades to get the colour you need from them.
  • The palette has a nice big mirror, its compact and safe to transport too (Obviously if you smash the mirror you won’t be using the concealer but it closes well).
  • Its super affordable and easily available online and in Superdrug stores.


  • Being such a creamy product, if you apply this product to areas where the skin is more oily it tends to slide off.
  • Over blending these products literally does take you to almost nothing on the skin.
  • When building them up to get decent coverage you need to allow some drying time, but also be careful as they can end up looking cakey if you apply too much.
  • This creases when used as an under eye concealer on me.
  • This is a product you MUST powder over or it will just slide off, even if you do use a primer and a setting spray.

So, as you can see there are a few good and bad points, however with all that said and done I still think its a pretty good palette. This won’t suit everyone as I do feel if you have oily skin to avoid it. If you are on the drier side it will probably work for you, but be warned it does like to stick to dry patches (I’ve learnt not to use this for discolouration around my nose). Price wise is a huge selling point with the Freedom Conceal Palette Pro, its super affordable and with 6 good sized pans of product, will last a good amount of time. In fact, I use the yellow concealing shade nearly daily and there’s loads of product left. Each of the concealers has good pigmentation and even though they do blend down to minimal coverage I find you can work nasty spots with a small detail brush to get good coverage still.

Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light swatches
Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light swatches

So, over all I do like this product, I still use it for concealing spots and my under eyes but I do take certain precautions when I use it. I always set the concealer after about 5 minutes so I know its dry with some powder and also use a setting spray. Most days as long as I’ve followed those steps it doesn’t separate on my face, however if I don’t leave my moisturiser a good 5-10 minutes and powder and set my makeup, then it always separates on me. Its been a trial and error with this palette, but after working with it a while I feel me and the palette do have an understanding.

Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light (left to right) No Concealer, Concealer applied not blended, Concealer blended
Freedom Conceal Palette Pro Light (left to right) No Concealer, Concealer applied not blended, Concealer blended

The Freedom Conceal Palette Pro is available directly through Freedom makeup online and also available in Superdrug stores and online too. It costs £5 per palette and is available in 3 shades.

For more information on Freedom and their products, why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx