Fragrances: Avril Lavigne Wild Rose

This is a first for my blog as I have never reviewed a fragrance before. I feel it is probably one of the hardest things too review – after all if we all liked the same scents it would be a very boring places in this world! So I am not going to review this fragrance parse, just tell you a little about it with my feelings instead and let you decide for yourselves.

I think celebrity fragrances are either something you loathe or love; I quite like them. Usually aimed at a ‘fair priced’ market they can be more affordable for everyone (Often aimed at teens with lower budgets) and often quite quirky in the ‘notes’ they contain.

Avril Lavigne’s Wild Rose was a fragrance I hadn’t heard of before I was sent it to try. Having obviously heard of Avril Lavigne though and knowing of her funky rock style I was curious how this would be portrayed into a fragrance and whether it could be ‘pulled off.’

Describing smells is like describing tastes or a picture; everyone will have their own variation of what it is and smells like. My personal thoughts on Wild Rose are that it’s sweet and floraly, not too heady and definitely not over powering.

For those who like to know an exact description and one I couldn’t possibly come close too describing here is another source on Avril Lavigne’s wild Rose;

‘Wild Rose is luminous fusion of sun-kissed yellow fruits, dewy florals and sweet woody notes that embody a vibrant and feminine spirit.

The fragrance opens with burst of energy comprised of sparkling mandarin, grapefruit and red plum. At its heart, a radiant floral bouquet of frangipani flower, dreamy blue orchid and orange blossom is unleashed.

The base of the fragrance exudes a musky undertone of sandalwood, which is then complemented by a delicious crème brulee accord for a mischievously sweet appeal.’


This fragrance could easily be worn every day as its light and fresh and due to its sweet, fruitiness works well for an evening too. I really quite like it and find in comparison to other ‘celebrity’ perfumes its quite ‘new’ and doesn’t smell like anything else I’ve tried (Refreshing when the celebrity scents went through a spout of 3 different celebrities releasing 3 different scents and them smelling very similar!!)

The lasting power is reasonable too; 2 spritzs in the morning on my neck and wrist and I can still smell it 4-5 hours later. For a fragrance that isn’t heady too start with and is relatively light this impressed me.

The bottle is really quite beautiful and elegant. Nothing like that of which I’d expect from a rock chick like Avril. However one thing I did love was the ‘spinner ring’ which is around the neck of the bottle. It really it quite cute and pretty (Although slightly annoying if you pull the lid of the fragrance off in a hurry and the ring goes flying). The sculptured pink rose on the top screams femininity too me, I really was quite take by the packaging and as I never keep my perfumes in boxes and like them all set out on my shelf this one stood out nicely from the rest (Maybe Chanel could learn something from their straight laced packaging, no?).

Avril Lavigne’s Wild Rose is sweet, girly and reasonably priced. I would be happy to buy this for a gift for someone and receive it as one too. You can purchase Wild Rose by Avril Lavigne from The Fragrance Shop for £19.99 for 30ml and if you’d like to see Avril’s advert to go with the fragrance please click here.

What are your feelings on celebrity scents?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx