FOTD and Review on some of the Vivo Cosmetics Products

I may love to review new products; but often when it comes to make up I stick with what I know. There’s certain brands I won’t buy or don’t really like and trying something new (Although I love trying new things) can be daunting. Vivo Cosmetics were launched exclusively into Tesco stores in September – could a new makeup brand with so much hype actually be any good? Let’s be honest I think of going to Tesco usually means my grocery shop or buying homewares and electricals.

Vivo cosmetics isn’t available in all Tesco stores still at present (Here is a list of the stores it is available) and isn’t available in any near me but after speaking to the lovely people at Vivo they offered to send me some products to try and tell you what I thought of them.


Vivo Cosmetics Lipstick, Blush Highlighter Duo and Curve Effect Mascara

I wanted to share with you some swatches of the products I was sent, a Face of the Day wearing them and what I think of them for those who are as curious as me about the Vivo Cosmetics range.

Lipstick isn’t something I wear every day. I often will opt for lipbalm or a gloss. I do however like rich looking packaging and this Vivo lipstick doesn’t fail at all in this department! The camera really hasn’t picked the colour up right, the packaging is a deep bronze gold casing which looks quite chic! If you are anything like me you will hate getting finger prints on it and keep polishing them off – yes I’m a bit obsessive like that.

I have been wearing the Vivo Sugar Pink (Shade 9) for a couple of days. Its exceptionally moisturising and really makes me lips for smooth without being sticky. The lipstick doesn’t have a heavy scent and lasts fairly well. The colour is quite bright and very pink – not the colour I would have personally chose but a colour I know many girls will love!

Over all I was really impressed with this lipstick from Vivo Cosmetics. I will be interested to see how many colours are in the collection and maybe try another one more in my palette range. The lipstick was really good on my lips and the only thing that put me off was the colour – which is a personal taste thing and nothing on the company themselves. At £1.99 I don’t think you can go wrong getting these lipsticks very reasonable and great quality!

I do however where blusher daily and won’t leave the house without it. It’s become a bit of an obsession and I have a silly amount of blushers in all different shades now. The Vivo Blush with Highlight Duo did not fail at all in my expectations! The packaging is rather basic which after the rich casing of the lipstick I was kind of surprised by. Still its not the packaging but what’s inside that counts.

On the skin it can be blended up into a really quite strong shade or worn subtly to give a nice pink glow. The highlight is slightly iridescent but not in a huge way so you will be glowing like a fairy! Its a beautiful contrast with the matt blush. I have worn this every day since it was sent to me and I have to say I love this product.

This Blush and Highlight Duo from Vivo Cosmetics is amazing quality and something I will definitely be investing more in. I love this colour, I love the highlight, it gives my skin a really healthy glow. A good quality product that is more than worth its £2.39, I would expect to pay at least triple that for a product as good as this!

Mascara is something I also can’t live without – its my one item if I was trapped on a dessert island I would have to have! I wear it daily and have spent large amounts of money on buying good quality mascaras. When I saw Vivo had sent me their Curve Effect Mascara I didn’t really think it would be any good. It was the first product I had tried from Vivo and I am REALLY fussy when it comes to mascara. I could not have been more wrong! The packaging is ‘curved’ just like the effect the mascara gives you. It’s quite solid and a nice size.

The wand of the mascara has a nice curve to it with bristles that are close together. They seem to be able to get every single lash from root too tip without being clumpy. The brush isn’t big at all and is fairly small which suits me as I often find I make a mess with really large brushes.

Again the proof is in the application so I went ahead and did some swatches for you to see how the Curve Effect Waterproof Mascara in Black from Vivo fairs.

This is how much curl, volume and length you can get from 1 application of Vivo Cosmetics Curve Effect Mascara. As you can see I applied it to my right eye for you to see, my left eye is bare.

I can’t tell you just how impressed I am with this product! I have spent anything up to £33 on mascaras before and this mascara is without a doubt my favourite mascara out of anything at present. Even my highend mascaras don’t touch this. I apply it at 7:30am every morning and come 7pm I have no flaking, no smudges, no fall out; just perfect curled lashes which last all day. I am not exaggerating at all! Trust me when I say I couldn’t believe it myself which is why I’ve worn it daily. As much as I’ve tried to pick a fault with this mascara I can’t. The consistency isn’t too thick or clumpy, you get great curled long lashes with one application and best of all the product is £3!

Here is my face of the day look I created and am wearing at present using Vivo Cosmetics;

So do I think Vivo Cosmetics are as good as the hype has made out? Well, going on the products I have tried I have to say yes!! Their prices for their cosmetic line range from £1.50 to about £6 and are more than affordable. You aren’t getting cheap crappy products either; everything I have tried is of VERY good quality and I’ve really liked. I tried my hardest to find something I disliked as I hate products that are over hyped but there is nothing! Vivo Cosmetics are going to be one to watch now and in the future!

Have you tried Vivo yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx