After completing my course recently I am now a qualified Nail Technician and have been taking more interest in products that I could use in my treatments on clients. I have been especially interested in creams and was quite excited when asked if I would like to try Ahava’s Dermud Intensive Foot Cream.

*Dermud Intensive Foot Cream – Dry and sensitive skin relief. Powered by Osmoter™, AHAVA’s exclusive blend of minerals, sourced from the wonderous Dead Sea waters. Enriched with Dead Sea mineral mud. Treats, soothes and protects the roughest, driest and even cracked and split skin. Contains Aloe Vera which helps soothe irritated skin

(*Source Packing)

Dermud Intensive Foot Cream is suitable for sensitive skin is allergy and dermatologically tested and also Paraben free.

Inside the packaging there is a detailed leaflet telling you all about Dermud Intensive Foot Cream and its ingredients if you wanted to know further information. The tube is quite sturdy inside with a flip top lid which is easily opened and closed.

I was expecting a rich brown cream because of the word ‘Mud’ on the packaging but was presented with a cool mustard toned cream which was quite thick and rick – just like I’d expect a foot cream too be. It smells reminds me of a hand cream my mum used too use, it isn’t unpleasant but I wouldn’t describe it as floral, fresh or fruity (Much like Atrixo Hand Cream for those who have smelt it).

I tried the two suggested methods of application with this foot cream; first I applied it after a bath and just left it sink in which left my feet extremely soft and smooth. I don’t have much hard skin on my feet as I have regular pedicures but the small amount I had there was softened and my feet felt pampered. I also tried the other method of applying it before bedtime and wearing white cotton socks  overnight(I have a pair I bought from Avon for use with foot cream but you can pick them up in other places), the following morning my feet felt incredible – I would highly recommend this type of treatment for people who have sore and cracked heels as it would make a great difference in my opinion.

Overall I was impressed with Ahava Dermud Intensive Foot Cream and it is something I would happily use on my self (Again) and also clients when doing a pedicure. The product is a very good quality and the only thing if I was being picky I wasn’t keen on was the smell – I like foot creams to have a scent which is deodorising too (Often Peppermint) but this product didn’t say it was deodorising so this is not something I can mark the product down on. It leaves your feet feeling soft and smooth and helps remove hard skin build up over time especially if you use pumice while in the bath or have a pedicure.

Ahava Dermud Intensive Foot Cream is quite pricey at £18.00 for 100ml but if you see the amount on my hand in the picture above that was plenty for 1 foot, so the product would last an extremely long time. I also think once you have your feet in peak tip top condition you wouldn’t need to use this daily and could probably use it every other day to maintain your feet’s great condition. The product in my opinion is a good investment and I definitely will be looking at other products by Ahava too.

If you would like to see Ahava’s full range of products you can visit their website.

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Mel xxxx