Van D'go

Feeling Peachy…. Essie Van D’go Nail Varnish Review

When my partner says to me he’s feeling peachy it usually means he’s in a sarcastic mood. But today I’m feeling peachy for a different reason, because of my gorgeous nail varnish I got in the post!

Every Summer I go through corals; 2 years ago it was red ones, last year dark ones and this year I’ve gone for the more pale matt colours (I’m not really a sparkly girl when it comes to nail colours) but have been having trouble finding ‘the summer colour’ for me.

I was having a scout about online at some new colours in OPI and China Glaze when I came across an Essie colour I’d not tried at my nail salon. It’s not often I do my own nails as my nail tech Lee is lovely and has done them for me for the past 4 years now, but every now and again I’ll do them and like to have a colour on stand by. I like to go for makes that I REALLY know and OPI is my favourite but I’d used a few Essie ones before and thought when I came across this colour swatch on google it was gorgeous.

2 hours later it was ordered from Ebay and this morning arrived. Essie’s Van D’go is a gorgeous pale peachy pink colour. Almost a neutral tone I think with maybe with a little warmth. I believe it’s a discontinued colour so maybe from last years colour charts. Its a matt shade, so no sparkles at all (for those who like the glitter it won’t be for you).


Application was good, I find with the other Essie’s nail varnishes I’ve used its been a bit hit and miss. Their reds always come out patchy and Lee ends up applying 3 coats! But with Van D’go 2 coats and we have a lovely even colour with no patches. When I do a good coverage I like to give it a true 10 minutes to dry before checking it so can’t tell you if its a fast drying varnish or not. I can tell you that I did apply a top coat to mine, but do this EVERY TIME I do my nails as I like an almost ‘wet look’ finish.


Finished result is gorgeous! I can’t really tell you about last power as I used a UV top coat which as many will know really hardens like I’ve done it at the salon. But I can say I love this colour and hope I can find a dupe for it if I get stuck for getting hold of it!

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx