I struggled with what catagory to class this post as; it isn’t really a hair of the day post as this is going to be my colour for quite a while and its not really a tutorial as I’m not doing detailed step by step as to how I did it, I’ve reviewed all of the nice’n easy type of products now too. However I guess its in between all of them!

If you follow my channel on YouTube or even my Blog you will know I decided last week to lose my dark blonde hair and go darker. My destination of ‘darkness’ is probably the darkest I have ever gone. I don’t think I have ever dropped below a base shade 5 (Medium brown) but this time chose to do something new and maybe even a little scary.

So, last Friday 10th February I shot this YouTube video, the last one I will ever film dark blonde (Well at least for the time being) and went into why I was changing my hair colour (I also showed the products I would be using and why I chose them). I after all colour my hair frequently so that in its self isn’t really anything new but to have such a dramatic colour change, I felt that it deserved its own blog post and also would mean I’d finally show the world (Ok Twitter, Facebook and my Blog) my hair as so far about a handful of people have seen it and that’s it!

To help with my journey into the (darker than usual) dark side I went with my favourite hair colour brand, Nice’n Easy by Clairol. Having been  a massive fan of their colorants since I was 12 I knew I would be in safe hands, or my hair would be in a safe colour at least (Nothing safe about my hands – I joke!). I picked up 2 colours; Nice’n Easy Permanent 120 Dark Brown (Lotion not the Foam) and also Nice’n Easy Non Permanent 79 Dark Brown.

This complete journey took about 2 hours to do on Friday afternoon, I have documented parts with photos and will talk you through briefly what I did. From the picture at the top of this page you can see my hair was going to dramatically change.

If I know I am going to colour my hair I tend to wash my hair the night before to remove any buildup of products I may have in it. I didn’t have any regrowth and although there is porosity in the ends generally my hair is in reasonable condition. So I applied the Nice’n Easy Permanent 120 Dark Brown colour using the ‘hot cross bun’ method(Check my post here for information on how to apply it this way). This is the way I always apply colour and find the best way to get an even result (It is how I apply colour to a clients head). Once the colour was applied to my roots making sure the ‘grey’ area I have was very well covered I then proceeded to coat the mid lengths and ends. Once I had done this I then combed through all the colour and massaged the colour well into the hair concentrating on the high lighted areas. These were the parts I was worrying about as they are slightly resilient to taking the colour and I didn’t want them to be light or patchy. Once the colour was on I left it to develop for 25 minutes.

The colour developing looked really scary – this goes to prove never worry too much about the developing colour of the lotion as mine was a raven blue/purple!

Once the colour was done developing I thoroughly rinsed the hair. This took quite a while till the water ran clear. I did not apply conditioner at this stage as I wanted to make sure the colour was even first. The best way to find this out was to partially dry the hair and look.

This is my hair partially dry, I’m not sure how clear it is on this photo (If you click on it, it enlarges) but the sides where I’d had trouble with the highlights before was significantly lighter than I wanted. The roots and underneath looked an amazing deep dark brown which I was really pleased with.

After some thought and consideration I decided that I wouldn’t be happy with it if I left it this way so decided that toning over with the Nice’n Easy Non Permanent Dark Brown 79 may help with the high lighted areas was the best option. As my hair was damp I decided to apply this colour this way, I wasn’t applying it all over my head this time as I didn’t want too deepen the colour in the places I was happy. So I had a good look through my hair and applied it to the top section (Almost like a halo shape on top of my head) from the mid lengths to the ends. I left this one for 7 minutes. I then massaged the coloured through the rest of my hair and left it about 3 minutes more (Long enough to clean my sink). I then rinsed the colour thoroughly from my hair and applied the conditioner. I left this one 2 minutes and then rinsed again.

The final result was an even toned dark brown that was so glossy and shiny I don’t think my hair has EVER looked this healthy! It was slightly warmer than I was hoping and I would have liked for this Semi permanent to have had the same blue based tone to it as the permanent dark brown had (Which I loved). However its minor and next time I wouldn’t have this problem as I would only need to use the Nice’n Easy Permanent 120 Dark Brown. The condition of my hair was very good afterwards and you wouldn’t have even known I had applied 2 colours that day.

Since colouring my hair this dark I have had several compliments from friends and family on how they really like it. One said they couldn’t believe how glossy it looked and I was even asked which hair dressers I went too? They were somewhat shocked when I said it was a home colour!

The thing that really amazed me on this colour adventure was for the first time EVER I tried some extensions on and they matched completely – you couldn’t even see a minuet difference! I have NEVER had a set of extensions I didn’t have to colour – my hair perfectly matches #2 Dark Brown extensions. This in its self was really great, but sad as after several attempts with stand tests I can’t get my dark blonde Halo Hair Extensions down to anywhere near as dark as my hair evenly. So I will have to buy new Halo Hair Extensions at some point.

My hair with 20″ extensions in shade #2 dark brown

So for the £5.59 (I think) the Nice’n Easy Permanent 120 Dark Brown and £4.07 Nice’n Easy Non Permanent Dark Brown 79 I have beautifully glossy soft hair that I love. All the brown shades I’ve had before were always too red, too gold, to uneven or too light (I know I am fussy) but this shade is everything I wanted it to be – yes I am finally happy!

What do you think?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

Disclaimer: Please note I did this all to my hair knowing full well something could go wrong. I am a qualified hair dresser and don’t let anyone colour my hair bar myself. If you are thinking about embarking on such a drastic colour change please get some professional advice before hand. Make sure you do strand tests and make sure you carry out skin sensitivity tests too! I can’t except responsibility if you copy what I have done and it goes wrong. I purely just wanted to show you what I did and how I achieved it. Be safe, have fun and enjoy colouring. Remember if its not bleach you can always use Colour B4 to correct it 😉