Ok you are reading the title of this post and thinking, ‘Huh?’

For a long time now I have used my HD Brows Kit for more than just my eyebrows. You see because of its amazing matt shades range which don’t get me wrong are fabulous on brows, they are also VERY long lasting and pigmented for use on your eyes too.

For instance if you like to use a powder liner, use the black or one of the browns on your last line! It doesn’t budge easily and lasts me all day. It also looks lovely and ‘smokey’ and less harsh than a liquid liner. However, if you like more of a wet liner; then apply some powder to the brush, wet the end with a water spray or some make up fixing spray and apply to your eyes that way – you have a great liner!

Although I often use the ash brown as a lower lash liner with my MAC Teddy liner and occasionally use the black as a liner; if I’m not using the kit on my brows then generally I am using it as a every day nude palette for my eyes.

Here is my look today; a nude subtle smokey eye. I feel as its so light its that ‘barely there but effective’ look with makeup and would be great for school or college as it takes about 5 minutes or for someone who doesn’t like to pile it on in the mornings. All I did was team it with some The Colossal Cat Eye Mascara from Maybelline (Review Here) and I was good to go!

‘Nude’ was used on the brow bone and over the lid and inner corner.

‘Warm Brown’ was mixed with ‘Ash Brown’ for the crease and blended well in a ‘C’ like motion onto the lid and above crease to create the smokey effect.

‘Ash Brown’ was used along the lower lash line and on the brows.

‘Carbon’ was used as definition in the outer part of the crease and lid just to add some depth.

After each colour was added I blended them well so they weren’t as ‘bold’.

Although the HD Brows Kit in Foxy (It is available in 3 shades, Bombshell for blonder, Foxy for brunettes and Vamp for dark to black hair) only has 4 colours for a nude eye it really is enough. All the colours are blend-able and fairly easily mixed together to create different shades. To intensify the smokey eye or cut crease a small amount of black works wonders for definition and you can change the whole subtle look to something special for an evening (Although then I’d probably way to add a little shimmer even if its in the inner corner of the eye with a white).

So there you go the best brow kit (In my opinion that I cannot do without out!!) can also be used as an amazing matt eyeshadow palette and liner too! It’s the ‘almost’ complete kit for your eyes – now if only we could solve the mascara problem too….

Have you tried the HD Brows Kit as shadows or liners? What was your opinions?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx