Stage 2 today of my Awaken Your Feet For Spring is a review of the Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother by HoMedics. A nifty little gadget that removes hard skin from your feet leaving them soft and looking amazing…

Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother by HoMedics

Here is some information about the Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother…

  • Removes dry skin leaving your feet looking and feeling soft and silky smooth
  • Works on toes, heels, the sides and balls of your feet
  • 2 speed rotating blade gently removes dead skin layers
  • Includes buffing disc for a flawless finish


Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother by HoMedics

Now if you suffer with hard dry skin on your feet, I’m sure you have probably used a cheese grater like tool to try and remove it. Maybe it did an ‘ok’ job, maybe it was a little too much effort and you gave up (I know I did) or maybe it didn’t help much at all. You see, the problem with hard skin on your feet, whether its your heels, toes or sides of your foot, is that it can be a task and a half to remove. There are some tricks that can help though. Firstly always soak the feet first for a good 10-15 minutes (A foot spa before hand is idea and if you want to see a review of a great one, click here for the Elle Macphearson Aromatherapy Foot Spa). Next you need to get rid of the hard skin and then always moisturise after to help keep the feet soft and also help soften any remaining hard skin for next time. You see moisturising is one of the key factors with hard skin removal on feet and something too many people don’t do. Still, with that all in mind my stage 2 of getting my feet ready for spring is using this handy little device, the Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother by HoMedics.

What I initially liked about the Heel Smoother was how compact it was. It is a good shape to fit into my hands, it made me feel like I had good control over it and unlike using a small pumice stone or even a pumice stone on a stick, my hand didn’t ache after using it for a while.

Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother by HoMedics

The Heel Smoother comes with everything you will need, although I would recommend having a towel handy to catch any loose dust while you are using it. You get the Heel Smoother, buffing discs (With replacement ones), the blade scraping attachment, full instructions, a small brush for cleaning the Heel Smoother after and batteries too. Being battery operated I think is a great idea, although I will say if you are going to use it regularly I would invest in some rechargeable batteries as I think you’ll end up going through them quickly.

Having 2 speed settings it means if your feet are a little sore or you need to be gentle you can do it on a lower setting. Although admittedly when I use this its all done on the high setting.

Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother by HoMedics

Now my feet are in an awful state, so I’m not going to show you before and afters. What I will say is afterwards (It took me about 5 minutes to do each foot) my feel felt smooth and almost like baby feet. So soft and nearly all of the hard skin was gone (Bar some build up always get on one of my heels which is near on impossible to remove), my feet looked like I had been to have a luxury pedicure and yet I’d done this all myself at home.

I was really impressed with the results and would highly recommend the Heel Smoother to those who do have dry hard skin and want to try something at home to help remove it. The Heel Smoother its self is easy to take apart and change the parts, the full instructions are really clear and helpful and even those who are a little ‘scared’ or things like this would be able to use it with ease.

The Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother by HoMedics costs £19.99 and is available from Argos stores and online.

For more information and to see the full range or Elle Macpherson The Body products, have a look at the HoMedics website, or you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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