Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails

Since finding Elegant Touch Nail Guards (Post Here), I’ve been false nail crazy! Today’s review is on the Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails.

Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails

Here’s some information on the Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails..

Totally Bare nails are a blank canvas so you can create your own look. Whether you want to polish them or get inspired with nail art, they are simple to use as you can decorate the nails before applying them. Polish lasts much longer when applied to these press-on nail as it adheres firmly. The lack of moisture found on natural nails will ensure the colour will not lift. The pack contains 48 nails, so enough for at least 2 full sets of nails. This also gives room for trying different designs or practice application. Glue is included for application and will give fantastic results for up to 10 days when applied according to the instructions.


Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails

Now my favourite false nails ever was always the Elegant Touch Totally Bare 003 Stiletto False Nails (See post here) and I have repurchased these time and time again (I’d say a good 8 times!). I don’t wear false nails all the time, I’m one of the lucky ones who can grow their nails and they are fairly strong, however maintaining a strong stiletto shape can be hard. After recently discovering the Nail Guards which are a must have in my books if you do wear false nails I’ve been looking at other types/shapes of false nail to test. When I saw the Elegant Touch Square nails from the Totally Bare range I had to try them out!

Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails

The quality of these nails is exactly the same as the other Elegant Touch ones. They are well made, feel strong and good quality. I admit, Elegant Touch is my go to brand when it does come to false nails as I believe you do get what you pay for with them and a bit more too! As you get 48 nails per pack, it means you will get 2-3 applications (Sometimes 4 if you files some of them to the shape/size you need) which for the price I personally think is fantastic.

Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails

Application can be tricky at first and maybe even a little time consuming, but once you do get the hang of it, I find I can do a full application in about 5 minutes, maybe a little more. Its super quick and looks great, plus all you then need to do with these is paint them. Also, with false nails when you do apply polish, it tends to last longer on these as a base and chipping etc is a lot less – so a definite plus I think.

As for wear time, well I wear my nails a good 8+ days, as I type this review I’m on day 10 of these Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails and I have not lost any! So, they do last well on my nails. However, they have also grown up a bit now so need replacing. I could probably go to 12 days with them though without an issue.

Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails

The square shape of these is nice, however as they are quite short I would recommend these more for ladies with short nails. My little nails which aren’t long at all (Maybe 1-2mm) were longer than the false nail! I would have preferred these in a  medium length but they don’t do them which is a shame as the stiletto’s are super long! In fact those I always had to file a bit! Yes I know its a totally different shape, but I’d like to have seen maybe a 1mm addition in length.

Over all though these nails are great and with party season approaching us they are another product out there that I recommend for those who do wear false nails, or even those who want to try them for a first time! Reasonably price, look great, the box contains everything you need including instructions and with the nail guards underneath (As long as they are applied correctly) you won’t get damage to your own nails!

The Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square 001 False Nails are available directly from Elegant Touch and Superdrug. You can buy them for £4.65 per pack and a pack contains 48 nails.

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For more information on Elegant Nails, their products and stockists, why not check out their Website, Facebook orTwitter?

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