Elegant Touch Nail Guards

Today’s post is for the false nail wearing ladies! Here are my thoughts on the Elegant Touch Nail Guards and why they are a MUST HAVE if you wear false nails!

Elegant Touch Nail Guards

Now, I have always been fanatical about my nails even when I was a child/teenager. However, in all my time I had never heard of Nail Guards. Somehow these amazing ‘minimal hassle’ little things had escaped my notice. I always wondered why someone hadn’t invented something to wear under your false nails that could protect the nails condition when wearing falsies. In fact, seeing my daughters apply those cheap nasty Primark ones and looking at the state of their nails after would make me cringe and worry! Girls will be girls after all. Still for a VERY minimal cost, you can help with the damage false nails can do to your natural nails and it only adds a little time onto your application too!

Here is some information about the Elegant Touch Nail Guards…

Using innovative technology, Elegant Touch Nail Guards provide the perfect base to any press-on nail manicure, whilst protecting against nail damage and prolonging wear. Removing the need for buffing, the ultra-thin Nail Guards prevent the natural nail from peeling; thinning; and brittleness caused by press-on nail wear & acetone removal. Simply apply press-on nails, gel manicures & acrylics on top for hassle free, no-soak removal and healthy nails. Application couldn’t be easier; select your size, tear, press and peel, for lasting results of up to 14 days!


Elegant Touch Nail Guards

Now for me, this is one of those products that does EXACTLY what it says it does on the tin (Or packet as the case may be). I’m not going to do a full tutorial on how they work. But have taken a few pictures as I applied them and will give you a brief ‘how to’.

  1. Firstly you want to make sure your nail is clean before you start (So no polish, buffed and cuticles pushed back. I always given them a wash, dry them and then wipes over each of my nails with some acetone based polish to remove all the natural oils). The nail guards come in 2 strips, so you should have enough to do your nails at least 2 times if not 3. Find the one which fits your nail the best. You want it to fit over all your nail not touching the skin (Do not worry about over hang at the end of the nail as that bit is buffed off).
  2. You then peal back the plastic layer and stick it down, rocking your finger over the nail guard. You will see it separated from the plastic bit under your finger that’s pushing down.
  3. Then peel off, give it a smooth over with your finger and then file off the end bit (This can be done really gently so it doesn’t file your own nail).
  4. There you have it, the nail guard is applied and you are all set for your false nails!

Elegant Touch Nail Guards

Seriously this took me about 5-10 minutes to do all my nails and I had Brooke my youngest daughter chatting to me about our cat Crowley the whole time (So somewhat distracting). It doesn’t leave a lot of mess, just pop all the bits you peel off into a pile and pop them in the bin. Your nails looks really shiny and feel a bit weird to touch, but you don’t leave them like that so it doesn’t really matter.

As for false nail application, you just apply your false nails over the nail guards exactly like you would normally on your nails. I know you are wondering if it helps your false nails stay on longer right? Well, as I type this review I have had my false nails on 9+ days now and still not lost any! They are beginning to grow up a little so I’ll remove them soon. The first set of falsies I put over my nail guards lasted 8 days. So, you do get decent wear out of them.

Elegant Touch Nail Guards
Elegant Touch Nail Guards applied to all my nails ready for false nails to be applied.

To remove them you need a little acetone (Although acetone based nail polish is fine, pop it at the base of the false nails, pop a little bit on your orange stick or cuticle pusher too and then gently lift the false nail up. There will be some sticky reside left, I believe this is the nail guard, but I’ve found this is easily removed with acetone nail polish after on some cotton wool.

So, if there is one product I think you should invest in if you are a false nail wearing lady (or man), then its the Elegant Touch Nail Guards. I will add that I was not paid or sponsored to right this review and have purchased 3 packs of these bad boys now! They are brilliant and a must have in my opinion especially when they are so cheap too!

The Elegant Touch Nail Guards cost £2.95 for 36 guards and can be purchased directly from Elegant Touch or from Superdrug which is where I buy mine.

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For more information on Elegant Nails, their products and stockists, why not check out their Website, Facebook orTwitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx