Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the unique EcoTools Foam Applicator and whether I feel it stands up to a regular foundation brush.

EcoTools Foam Applicator

Here is some information about the EcoTools Foam Applicator…

The firm applicator tip applies liquid foundation easily around the contours of your face such as eyes and nose. Wash with soap and water after use and lay flat to dry. Replace as needed.


EcoTools Foam Applicator

I admit, when I first say the EcoTools Foam Applicator I literally thought, ‘What is that?’ It looks a bit odd and I couldn’t see it coming close to as good for application of liquid foundation as my other brushes. It goes to show, first impressions shouldn’t always be trusted.

EcoTools Foam Applicator

The Foam Applicator has a good sized bamboo handle and a foam applicator on the end. I feels much like a cosmetic sponge, but its shaped in such a manor it makes applying foundation a doddle!

EcoTools Foam Applicator

Being shaped and contoured it glides over your face when applying liquid foundation. The pointed end is perfect for getting into those harder areas (Like around the nose) and is fantastic at applying concealer too under the eye area. Being sponge its very soft and gentle. I have tried this with a variety of foundations and it really does work well with all of them. With the slightly thicker ones I have used the Foam Applicator damp and found its really helped with getting a flawless finish (This was especially the case with Estee Lauders Double Wear which I find I always need to work super quick with!).

I was also really surprised by how easy it is to clean. As suggested, you literally clean it after use with some soap and water. Being sponge means it dries really fast and is good to go the next morning (Or even a few hours later).

EcoTools Foam Applicator

As with all of the EcoTools brushes I have tried the EcoTools Foam Applicator has a labelled handle, not that you are likely to get this one mixed up with the other brushes in their range.

I have been really impressed with the EcoTools Foam Applicator and am so glad I actually tried it. I have used this brush quite a few times now and would definitely repurchase again when the foam applicator needs replacing. Being a reasonable price too means its not too hefty on the pocket either. I would recommend this brush to people who don’t like the way a beauty blender style applicator feels in your hand and prefer a handle, as application with the Foam Applicator from EcoTools in my opinion is as good (And it costs less than one of those too!).

You can purchase the EcoTools Foam Applicator from Boots stores and online and it costs £4.99.

For more information on EcoTools and their products, why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*Disclaimer – This item was sent to me for review purposes*