I love a product that gives you instant satisfaction and the Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes is just one of those products. A7 in 1 bb for the eyes, it really is something special!

Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes

I’ve used many bb cream products over the past 2 years, but very few are especially for the eyes and never have I used one in pencil form. The Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes is truly unique in my opinion and what’s better I noticed instant results using it.

Here is some information on the Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes…

Docteur Renaud’s new Apricot BB Eye Cream is a non-shiny, creamy concealer pencil that combines the benefits of an ultra-effective skin care formula with the highly desirable effect of a very natural make-up product.  This amazing multi-purpose product camouflages dark circles and signs of tiredness and restores radiance.  The delicate skin around the eye area is also moisturised, smoothed and unified in an instant, for younger, brighter-looking eyes.  Finally, Docteur Renaud Apricot BB Eye Cream provides a comforting effect on the skin, nourishing, softening, rejuvenating and protecting the eye contour area. 

*source – press release*

Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes

The Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes is a pencil style conealer like product which is so easy to apply and great to keep with you in your hand bag for on the go. It comes in Universal Beige which would be fine for most light to medium skin tones and is a 7 in 1 product.

Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes swatch

Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes swatch

The 7 benefits with this product are that in camouflages dark circles, has an anti tiredness effect on the eye area, a smoothing effect, hydration, comfort, evens skin tone and also gives a luminosity to the skin. With so many benefits in one product I was sceptical, but admit this really has surprised me. So much so I have taken a photo for you below so you can see the difference just the products makes alone without any other makeup!

Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes - (Left eye) I have applied the Apricot BB Eyes (Right Eye) There is no application.

Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes – (Left eye) I have applied the Apricot BB Eyes (Right Eye) There is no application.

Application is easy too, I literally dot it over my eye circles gently and then lightly blend it into my skin using my finger (Much like I would with my concealer). You can also build it up a little for those really stubborn dark circles! I’ve found when I use this product over my makeup I do not need to add concealer to my eye areas at all. My under eye instantly appears more awake and best still it feels hydrated and light (I do find concealer can make it feel heavy sometimes). I do have to also add, I feel it really does live up to its 7 in 1 claims too!

Over all, I’ve been so impressed with the Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes and now want to try the Dr Renaud Apricot BB Lips and BB Cream too. I’d be really interested to see how all the products look and work together as I feel they would be perfect for the Spring/Summer time! I really recommend this nifty little pencil and can see the Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes being in my makeup bag for quite a while now too!

The Dr Renaud Apricot BB Eyes costs £14.50 and currently is so new it’s not available on the Docteur Renaud UK website and can only be ordered from Skin Evolution by telephoning 01452 864574.

For more information on Dr Renaud products, why not check out their Website – http://www.doctor-renaud.co.uk/.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*pr sample*