So, its been 4 weeks on the Weight Away plan diet now for Mark and me. For the most of it we have stuck to it. Yes, there are times when we have been out where we may have been a little naughty, but it just means you don’t have your ‘treat/snack’ that day and I usually walk or exercise more then following day.

Last week was a big blow for me. I didn’t put a post on here as I was feeling really low. I had a stomach bug the previous week and then bloated out like a balloon. I ended up seeing my GP who informed me I had water retention possibly caused by the virus and dehydration. After talking to him about my diet, he said he was happy for me to continue doing it but I also needed to up my water intake, try and keep active, have less salt and cut out caffeine. He said after about 7-14 days I should notice a difference, if not I had to return to see him.

I didn’t weigh myself last week as I was so down. My trousers (Which had been loose) were hard to do up, everything looks tight because of the swelling and bloating and I just felt like the Staypuff Marshmallow Man (Think Ghostbusters).

Staypuff Marshmallow ManOk, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea. Also, where I hadn’t been smoking (It’ll be 4 weeks Friday), any food had been looking good so I’d had a little more fruit than I probably should have been. Either way, I looked at the scales and just thought, ‘No!’

Mark on the other hand, had another good week. I know with him having more to lose his weight loss is a ‘little easier’ I guess. Although he hasn’t noticed it himself, both myself and family members have noticed his ‘butt’ and ‘hips’ are slimmer. So, its obviously working for him. He’s also been on my cross trainer, which I’m really impressed with! At least his motivated and determined, which makes me really proud of him. He lost last week and today when he weighed in had lost again, in fact he’s made his first milestone….

Woman stands on weighing scales isolated on white

1 stone!!!

So, proud of him for reaching that, 1 stone in 28 days and we have eaten out a few times too. I know we have my Uncle’s wedding soon (7th July) and this Friday its our annual holiday, so we must be good!

I got on the scales and found my weight was 1lb over. Considering I’m still bloated and holding some water I am ok with that. I know I have lost and once the water retention has gone down, I will see the loss on the scales. Yes, I still have ‘cankles’ at present, but they are less than they were!!

I’ll try and post again next week, if not it’ll be after our holiday!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx