Denman D91 Dress-Out Brush

This post is for the girls who like to back-comb and have volume. Let me introduce you to the Denman D91 Dress-Out Brush.

Denman D91 Dress-Out Brush

Here is some information on the Denman D91 Dress-Out Brush…

The Denman Dress-Out hairbrush has a slender pin tail that makes it the perfect sectioning tool. Its fine tip is ideal for taming stray strands when creating a flawless up-do. The narrow body of the brush carries three rows of high quality nylon bristles that provide grip and control, while the lightness of this agile brush defies its strength which makes it ideal for use on wigs and extensions.

Dimensions: Brush Length 225mm, Brush Width: 15mm


If you like to create volume and are a dab hand at back-combing you probably have a favourite tool to do it with. Years ago I always swore by a certain comb I loved. However, it would never last. I then took to using a brush with natural bristles and found this was great, but a bit chunky to use. If you follow a lot of US Youtube gurus you will often seen them using a teasing brush, but finding them in the UK was never easy (Or they were such poor quality the didn’t do the job). The Deman D91 Dress-Out Brush is perfect!

Firstly the size is perfect. It has a slim handle which is perfect for sectioning with. It feels light in the hand and having a slim head means it can get into the smallest of sections to tease that hair.

Denman D91 Dress-Out Brush

The bristles are stiff, so great for teasing the hair and a good length that you have control over where you are putting the back combining.

This is probably my favourite brush for teasing and back-combing. I can create great volume with it and it lasts and holds. Plus its so quick! If you are a clip in hair extensions wearer and like to tease before clipping them in, this brush is perfect and I thoroughly recommend it.

Denman D91 Dress-Out Brush

It is also great for smoothing over styles once you’ve blow dried or put your hair up. Just give a light spritz of hair spray and lightly run the hair brush over the fly away hairs. It will smooth them down gently and give you a more polished look.

But its not the quality of this brush that surprised me so much, or the weight or even how it performs (Which in honesty is amazingly), no the thing that really surprised me about this brush was the price! Denman are one of my favourite brush brands, their tools are of a super high quality and last for years, yet this brush is so reasonable!

The Denman D91 Dress-Out Brush is available from Denman and costs £2.87.

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