Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush

Today I’d like to spotlight the Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush and why I think it its the perfect brush to keep in your bathroom!

Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush Here is some information on the Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush…

 The circular massage brush has extra-soft plastic pins which is ideal for gentle scalp massage during shampooing. It will also help distribute gels, waxes and pomades evenly when styling the hair. The Be-Bop brush is a favourite grooming essential as it is small and can easily slip into the pocket. It also has an easy grip handle, making it a design icon for almost 60 years!

*Please note: not suitable for use with a hairdryer*


If you have the type of hair that likes to tangle when washing or even your children do, then you really need the Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush in your life. This brush is a must in my opinion for those who wear semi-permanent extensions as it takes a lot of the time off of trying to detangle them after washing and is perfect for removing tangles while you condition your hair. If fact its a must for anyone who just gets tangles!

Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush

The brush has plastic bristles which are firm yet flexible, this means it can massage your scalp as you work it through your hair (If you do have bonded/ring extensions, be careful not to brush over the bonds!). Massaging the scalp is a great way to improve circulation and can also stimulate hair growth. The bristles are around 1cm in length, so they will work through a good thickness of hair too.

The handy handle is perfect for slipping your fingers through, so you have control over the brush. Great for when your hands could be slippery with shampoo or conditioner as it means the brush won’t go flying out your hands (Let’s be honest and say this has probably happened to all of us!).

Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush

This is also the perfect brush for using after you have washed and towel dried your hair to remove tangles. Being gentle and flexible it will remove the tangles from your hair more gently than a standard brush which means you are less likely to cause more additional breakage to the delicate hair while it is wet.

I remember my Mum having a similar style brush to this when I was a child (The handle was shaped almost like butterfly wings) but it was tricky to use as you didn’t really have a great grip on it. With the strap like handle of this brush you have complete control. I have been using this a while now and have to say I think its great. I leave it in my bathroom for when I am doing my hair either in the bath or shower and it gets through my tangles every time! I also think my daughters may sneakily be using it, but they haven’t owned up to that yet (Although the 20″ length strands of hair I keep finding in it should be a huge giveaway!).

Over all, this is a fantastic dentangling brush and I thoroughly recommend it!

TheDenman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush is available in a variety of colours, each brush costs £3.50 and is available from Denman.

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