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I debated whether to write a post on my experience with Decolour Stripper, but decided in the end this may help some people. I use so many products on my hair and don’t review all of them, but the Decolour Stripper really surprised me (And not a lot does these days).

Decolour Stripper

So how did I get to here? For those of you who don’t follow my blog you will know I colour my hair A LOT! Although recently I have been a platinum blonde with about 2-3 inches of dark blonde roots. I always go darker come Autumn and decided that the time was right last week. I opted for a light brown dye with golden (primary tone) and copper (secondary tone) to go over my platinum. With dropping so many shades (Around 5-6 in total) I needed a shade with a little warmth in it for it to grab on the bleached hair. My hair naturally pulls very golden tones and I have learnt in the past not too put red on my hair as I cannot get it out for the life of me (Not without a great deal of bleach anyway). I haven’t used a permanent dye on my hair in about 3 months and have opted for semi permanents as a gentler option while my hair was platinum for just going over my roots to make them darker and slightly more ombre, so went ahead and popped my colour on leaving it to process and then rinse. It turned out a medium brown with a little copper/goldenness about it – which was fine, but personally I fely it made me look a bit stark. So, I decided to wait and wash my hair as normal to lift the colour a little out of my hair over time. I also clarified my hair too, which helps to shift colour a little quicker.

My hair journey over 3 days -  1.My starting colour, ultra light Blonde. 2. After applying the semi permanent. 3. After 3 washes (2 clarifying shampoos it has a crazy red tone). 4. A close up so you can see just how warm it actually is.
My hair journey over 3-4 days –
1.My starting colour, ultra light Blonde.
2. After applying the semi permanent.
3. After 3 washes (2 clarifying shampoos it has a crazy red tone).
4. A close up so you can see just how warm it actually is.

Well, this was all good and true till I washed my hair and the ends where the bleach were went red. Yes RED! I was well and truly miffed. You would have thought I’d dyed it red again and in honesty it completely confused me. I got super stressed by this as I still don’t now how it happened. Orange I would expect, but red? Now I could have used a colour remover, but knowing that my bleach hair was going to be stained, I actually decided on a colour stripper. Something that was going to lift my hair as well as remove the artificial colour. My aim, to get a more even tone throughout my hair, get rid of the red and then recolour again – a blank canvas if you like. As I had good results with Scott’s Decolour Remover (See the posts here) I decided to try the Decolour Stripper, so here are my findings and results.

Here is some information on the Decolour Stripper and a YouTube from Scott Cornwall about the product and how to use it…

Previously a treatment only available in salons, Decolour Stripper uses a safe, gentle pigment removal powder to remove both natural and artificial colour pigments.

Taking less than and hour, this unique formula creates a lighter base which can be effectively and immediately recoloured. It’s an ideal method if you want to change dark hair to blonde or red, or simply achieve a lighter brunette result than your current shade.

  • Decolour Stripper uses an ultra kind lightener with no ammonia and contains the lowest levels of peroxide found in a lightening produ
  • Precision conditioning ‘non-drip’ cream allows you to effectively apply to the roots with ease.
  • Unique Decolour Stripper formula ensures hair cuticle and internal fibres are not damaged or destroyed.
  • Hair can be effectively re-coloured immediately after the stripping process is complete
  • Unique formula protects hair lipid levels and retains hair condition.
  • Can be used twice in succession on very dark base to ensure effective transition to a lighter or blonde shade.



Box contents
Box contents

I’m not going to go into how I used the Decolour Stripper as I followed the directions in the video and that came in the box. The whole process is pretty easy. I would say bare in mind, if you have colour on your hair and have coloured it a few times the build up will be more apparent on the midlengths/ends than roots. Meaning, the roots will take a lot quicker. This is why a lot of people get a ‘halo’ effect. So a strand test is very necessary as then you can tell just how long the roots will need in comparison to the ends to blend and be the same (Or pretty close). My ends although red were lighter than my roots as this was where the platinum blonde was previously, as I wanted to get rid of the red knew I’d still be going for an ombre look. I concentrated on this area and didn’t put the product on my roots until much of the red had gone and only left it on them a short time as I was happy with them being dark, it was more about the tone than shade of my roots.  I then rinsed after I had processed and used the Conclude Balm.

Box indication results
Box indication results

The great thing about the Decolour Stripper is you can colour again immediately. Decolour Stripper is designed so that its not your final destination, you probably will want to pop a colour on there after, so do not be shocked if your hair is bright orange! Bare in mind, you will need to apply something afterwards.  Here are my results after using the Decolour Stripper, this is just from using the product and no toner, colour etc has been applied to my hair…

Decolour Stripper  - Before Using the stripper on my hair. Here my hair is freshly washed with clarifying shampoo, rinsed (No conditioning!!) and then towel dried
Decolour Stripper – Before Using the stripper on my hair. Here my hair is freshly washed with clarifying shampoo, rinsed (No conditioning!!) and then towel dried
Decolour Stripper
Decolour Stripper – The Results. As you can see the red has been removed, my hair is now a warm medium blonde (Although it is still wet) and now ready to be toned.

Over all, I’m really impressed. I found Decolour Stripper a lot gentler than bleach on my hair, it didn’t irritate my scalp and I liked how it processed as I was able to watch the colour changes. As it was going on top of previously bleached hair in my case, I was concerned and knew there may be some porosity there, but my hair didn’t really feel any drier than before and there was no breakage (Remember my bleach underneath had been to ultra light blonde/platinum). I still need to colour and tone my hair, but wanted to give it a rest so allowed it to dry naturally.

The results with the hair dried
Decolour Stripper – The results with the hair dried

It removed all of the red out of my hair, in most places my previously bleached hair was back to a very warm light/medium blonde – perfect for applying a little toner too. I think the pictures show it better in honesty. But do remember, Decolour Stripper is not the end result, you will need to apply something over it if you don’t like the colour it has taken you too. Scott also mentions in his video that you can repeat the process of using the Decolour Stripper a second time if you want to achieve a lighter base. In my case if I did this I would be pretty close to being back to a light blonde, but at present am happy with my blank canvas and am ready to get toning.

So would I recommend it? Well, I also do say with almost ever review I write on a hair colouring product that if you can seek a professional and get them to colour your hair, do so. However, I also know there are many who prefer to do it themselves. As long as you are cautious, take precautions and don’t go into this without reading the instructions, stand testing and doing a sensitivity test (As this there’ll unlikely be any surprises), you should be ok. I would recommend using this over bleach to strip\lighten colours from hair if that’s what you need to do. If you purely need to just remove hair dye and build up, I would recommend the Decolour Remover. Yes its a few pounds more than Colour B4 but in my opinion I opt for that over Colour B4 anytime!

I would also say, I would have 2 lots of the Decolour Stripper to hand in case you need both, then you can always return one if it is unused. I barely had enough to cover my mid lengths and ends and it was only sparingly applied to my roots.

Disclaimer – I really hope this has helped someone, bare in mind the results I have achieved from using these products may not be the same results you get. I cannot be help responsible if you choose to copy what I have done. If ever in doubt, get a professional to do it for you.

Decolour Stripper is available at Boots stores and online, it costs £12.99 per box. For those of you with blow shoulder length hair or thicker hair you may need 2 or in some cases 3 boxes.

For more information on Decolour Stripper and other products from Scott Cornwall, why not check out their WebsiteFacebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx