Review: Clairol Perfect 10 and How to Colour Hair – Crossing over to the Dark Side

I did it! I went from light blonde to dark blonde – not quite as butterscotch as I’d have liked (My roots are) but it looks really good and I’m really pleased. It’ll also mean I’m not having to do my roots so frequently as my hair naturally isn’t far from this shade!

Rather than just do a straight review for Perfect 10 by Clairol – the hair colour that works in 10 minutes! I thought I’d also do a ‘how to colour your hair’. From a hairdressing point of view I probably have a few tips that you might not have thought of and they may make your colouring experience a little easier and better.

So in all my crowning glory here is a Before and After Shot.

Please note – no hair extensions in <shocked cat face>

And here’s how I did it!

First of all you need to choose you shade/colour you will be using. I am using Perfect 10 by Clairol (Nice ‘n’ Easy) in Shade 7 Dark Blonde (Butterscotch Boom)

Inside the box you should have the following; Instructions, gloves, Hair Colourant (1), Activator Lotion (2), Comb attachment for activator and Perfect 10 Conditioner (3).

Before you EVER colour your hair you should always do a skin test, this should be carried out at least 24 hours before if not 48 hours to see if you have any reaction to the colorant. All colours are different and made up slightly differently – I have reactions to Wella colours for some reason and they bring my psoriasis out bad! How to do this is on the instructions with the colour and very simple.

You can also do a strand test if you are worried about whether you need to under process your hair when colouring, I don’t tend to bother and jump in with both feet. Can I add this can have disastrous consequences and mean more heartache long term, but if the change isn’t too great you should be fine (black to blonde or vice versa is a different matter!!)

Once we have all the boring bits out the way we then need to prepare ourselves for colouring.

TIP: I don’t bother with a towel around my shoulders but actually have an outfit I wear that I don’t care if it gets colour on – just some old cropped leggings and vest. It’s a lot more comfortable and less bulky than a towel around you!! I also wash them after as normal and use them each time I colour my hair.

Take everything out of your box and familiarise yourself with what you have. Read the instructions thoroughly – make sure you are putting the colour onto dry hair (As is the case with Perfect 10. Some colorants like you to wet your hair first). Put the gloves on and brush through your hair so its knot and tangle free. I always keep a wide tooth comb handy when colouring and a bulldog hair clip to hold any sections out the way. It is also handy to have a clock near by, I use my phone – for developing time.

Take the Colorant tube labelled 1 and the activating lotion labelled 2 and put the whole contents of the tube into the bottle.

TIP: It never hurts to check the colorant tube and make sure the colour actually matches with the one you have bought. I have actually purchased a L’Oreal colour before and they had put the wrong colorant in there!

TIP: Gently squeeze the bottle before screwing the lid on and shaking, this will mean when you take the top off the nozzle it won’t spray everywhere!

Shake well! I do this for about 30 seconds to make sure the mixture is well mixed! Once you are at this stage you are ready to colour. If you want to add the comb attachment at this stage to colour your hair with thats included in the pack you can – I personally prefer not too use it and just work with the nozzle.

Ready, set… GO! Split your hair down the middle so you have a centre parting (Sexy)! Apply the colour along the parting and spread it outwards down the hair shaft. Don’t worry at present that you only have the roots done!!

TIP: If you have OVER PROCESSED hair, it is best to do, mid-lengths first, then roots, then comb through to the ends!

Now make a cross on your head and divide your hair from ear to ear (Think hot cross bun). This will make your hair so it has 4 sections – 2 at the back and 2 at the front. Starting with the back 2 sections, first apply colorant to the hairline. Then work it through the back of your hair in sections – about half to an inch wide for good coverage,  making sure you cover it all. Massage the colorant into your hair (Not your scalp) – comb through well. This helps to distribute the colour evenly.

Now working on the 2 front sections, do the hairline round the front and apply the colorant through the front right to the ends of you hair. Massage well into the hair (Not the scalp) and comb through. Once you have done this last comb through that is when you start timing.

Don’t I just look so sexy! Who said colouring wasn’t fun? Happy Face!

TIP: Do NOT be scared of the colourant on your hair – this is not what it will actually come out looking like! Mine was almost purple based! I promise I do not have purple hair now!

TIP: This is a good time to clean up any extra bits of tint you may have gotten on your skin, around your forehead, cheeks and neck. Just use a sponge or cotton wool and a little warm water. Don’t take the water to the hairline as it will weaken the colorant there.

10 minutes here we go… make a cuppa, smoke a cigarette if you smoke – or my personal favourites as I’m in the bathroom, clean the sink and toilet. (I’m a bit odd like that).

Once your 10 minutes is up, head to your shower.

TIP:It helps to run a little warm water through the hair and massage it well first before rinsing – this can help remove excess colour from the scalp and skin.

Rinse your hair with warm water till the colorant is rinsed out and the water runs clear.

Apply the conditioning treatment, massage into your scalp and all your hair. It’s been through a lot in the past 10 minutes and you need to be giving something back to it for its pain 😉 No take take take in this relationship!!

Leave the conditioner on for 2 minutes.

Now rinse your hair thoroughly.

You’ve done it! You’ve coloured your hair – hopefully successfully and are ready to style as usual!!

So, what did I think of Perfect 10? Well it’s super fast! I love that it only takes 10 minutes and you are ready to wash and style your hair as normal. I like the shade range – it has gotten better than it was when it was first released. Today this cost me £7.40 I think, it was in Boots. It’s about the same in superdrug and varies in supermarkets if they stock it. I don’t think its a bad price, it does leave your hair silky and shiny – very glossy and does what it says on the box.

As to whether you will become the colour you want too… well that will depend on your hair. If you already have coloured hair (Tint not bleach) and you apply tint too it, even in the same shade you originally used it will go darker. Please bare this in mind.

If you are colouring over highlights this can make them quite porous, bleach also absorbs tint and can process A LOT faster than say virgin hair (Hair that has NEVER had any chemical treatment on it). Grey hair is the hardest hair to colour and can take a little longer – but Perfect 10 does a good job and covers those greys in 10 minutes.

This is why I recommend you do a strand test to make sure you are going to turn out the colour you want and know just how long to leave your hair to process.

I will use Perfect 10 again, I love the colour I’ve become and am really pleased with the result. My hair is really glossy and looks so healthy plus it looks natural and multi-toned!

I’ve used a lot of colorants over the years but this is one of the best and one of my favourites!

My hair in a different light source

Now if you want to see how I coloured my hair extensions to match – read my next review here.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx