Crazy Color has bought brightness to a whole new level with their Neon Collection. The hair dyes are not for the faint hearted, are bold but beautifully creative.

I’ve been a fan of Crazy Colors semi permanent dyes for a VERY long time. I’ve used them on my daughters when they wanted a quick change (Usually the Summer holidays) and also on my self when playing with pastels. Their reds also make great pre-pigment colours for when going darker from very light blondes. The company has now added to their line with these 4 new on trend colours in the Neon collection.

When you look at fashion colours or editorial hair posts (Like Pulp Riot who are huge in the professional industry) the neon trend is massive. Crazy Color has brought 4 shades out in this new range which I feel is bringing these amazing shades to the regular consumer and not just for professionals. Finally you can experiment yourself without having to pay through the teeth for a pro product! One of my favourite hair artists Philip Wolff is often doing these crazy, editorial cuts on high neon colours and I feel the bright shades just emphasise his work more (Check him out on Instagram – he is a true hair genius!).

Toxic UV – It’s NEON – Introducing TOXIC UV, This ultra glowing green is not for the faint-hearted. Make em’ stop and stare, with a shade that pop’s in both natural and blacklight.  For best results apply to pale or platinum blonde hair.*source*





Rebel UV – Nothing is ever really pink enough, Rebel UV is as bright as it get’s poppin’ in both natural and blacklight. Our loudest shades ever these Neon shades are perfect for those who want to make a statement! For best results apply to pale or platinum blonde hair.*source*



Anarchy UV – ‘Cause I want to be anarchy! More daring than ever Anarchy UV is our most vibrant orange shade, which pop’s in both natural and blacklight.  For best results apply to pale or platinum blonde hair. *source*





Caution UV – It’s LIT! Caution UV is a highlighter yellow that glows in both natural and UV blacklight. For best results apply to pale or platinum blonde hair. *source*







Crazy Color Neon Collection swatches – (Top) Toxic UK (Middle) Anarchy UV and Rebel UV (Bottom) Caution UV

As you can see they are crazy bright plus reactive in UV blacklight so would be fun when clubbing too. I would say this Crazy Color Neon collection is only for the brave, but these colours are so intense I feel these would suit those who really love to stop the show!

Crazy Color Neon collection is available from Crazy Color. Each colour is £5.50 for 100ml/3.38 fl.oz of product.

For more information on Crazy Color and their products, check out their Website.