Colour Freedom Metallic Glory in Metallic Bronze

Todays review is on the Colour Freedom Metallic Glory in Metallic Bronze. I’ve been thinking about colouring the ends of my hair for some time now. I always will love having 2 tone hair and was getting sick of the blonde. In reality I’ve been thinking about doing my ends Mushroom Brown but came across Metallic Bronze and decided to try that instead.

Here is a little information about Metallic Bronze from Colour Freedom’s Metallic Glory range…

Trend setting and unique permanent warm Metallic Bronze colour.  Create a stunning Metallic Bronze shade. Infused with Argan Oil and Shea Butter. Designed for use on pre-lightened hair

The unique professional formula creates distinctive metallic shades that can darken and remain permanently, but without lightening or altering the underlying base shade. Treat your hair to Colour-Freedom’s deep conditioning formula with Shea Butter & Argan Oil. Nourish protect and add natural looking shine as your hair is infused with brilliant Metallic colour.


When I ordered the Metallic Bronze I thought it was a demi permanent (I didn’t read the description properly). I was a little surprised when I got the product and then saw it said permanent. I have not put any permanent products on my blonde since bleaching it before March and have been letting the bleach grow out.

When I unboxed Metallic Bronze I saw the peroxide is actually a 2%/6.7 vol. Now from a hair dressing point of view this is more of a demi permanent peroxide. 3%/10vol is for deposit only and will not lift the hair at all. Demi permanent products generally last about 28 washes, there usually is a regrowth line but fade to practically the original colour before colouring (Less the product has stained your cuticle. This happens a lot with pre lightened/bleached hair). With that in mind I was less worried about using this and decided to bite the bullet.

Metallic Bronze is best used on pre lightened hair that sits at a base shade of 8 or above. Now my ends are actually in the 9 region with some 10 in places. In theory this product should give me results close to the box colour prediction – but that is in theory only. The lighter the hair, the more intense the result. I was only applying this to where I was blonde. I left an inch from my roots as that’s where I apply my root drag (Majirel Cool in 7.1 for those wondering).

The instructions for mixing the colour and application are fairly good. Metallic Bronze needs to be applied to dry, clarified hair (So the hair is in its natural state, no products in there, not build up from silicons etc). You can use the bottle provided, but they recommend using a tint brush and bowl (This is what I used, you can even purchase these from the Pound Shop!). Colour processing is around 25 minutes. I left mine on closer to 40, I was playing a mean round of Dead By Daylight.

The results of Metallic Bronze are interesting. My hair came out a mushroom brown shade! In some lights my hair does look bronze, others it has a pink tinge (Which I love) and then I walk somewhere else and it looks a taupe brown. This colour is definitely multi-tonal. Considering my base shade to start, I would have expected more pink and a slightly lighter shade.

Colour Freedom Metallic Glory in Metallic Bronze (L-R) Before, During and After

One thing I didn’t love about the Colour Freedom product was the after care conditioner. Yes it did leave my hair soft, but the scent is so overpowering. To the point it made me feel queasy. Even now I sit here and I can smell it if I move my head. To some I’m sure its lovely, in future I would use something else.

To conclude I did like the Colour Freedom Metallic Glory in Metallic Bronze. My hair feels soft (Even after colouring and before conditioner), it looks healthy (There was no breakage or damage. A strand test and sensitivity test is a must!!) and I do love the colour even though its not as pink toned as the box result. I will post an update in a month to let you know how the colour lasts on my hair (Going on top of bleach it will fade quite quickly) and also if there is any staining to my cuticle etc.

Colour Freedom Metallic Glory in Metallic Bronze – Different results in different lights

The price is reasonable at £7.99, I purchased Metallic Bronze and Grey Pearl on offer for £10 for 2 I believe). Next time if this does fade back to blonde I’d like to try Metallic Mahogany (It looks beautiful). Knight & Wilson have not disappointed me at all with this product in the Metallic Glory range, I give it a thumbs up.

The Metallic Glory range from Colour Freedom can be purchased from Superdrug at £7.99.