Sublime de Chanel

Chanel Go To New Lengths! Chanel Sublime de Chanel Review

When I was in Debenhams a few weeks ago getting my Chanel Vitalumiere foundation they were running their offer on their beauty cards. An extra 750 if you spent over £40. Being a bit of a loyalty card queen I thought why not and asked what else they had that I might like. After a few testers and products later she started telling me about their new mascara – Sublime De Chanel. Now I hate my eye lashes, always have. Being fair haired they have always looked like I have none so I usually tint them and being totally useless when it comes to false eyelashes I’ve never been able to have the length I’d love. Now a lot of mascara’s promise the great length and curl but never actually deliver, well not for me or maybe its my expectations that are too high? In the end I bought the mascara without trying it.

I love high end products, the ones that scream class and expense. Not as status items or anything like that, its the sleek packaging that I’m in love with. I guess I’m a little sad like that, but I get more excited about the packaging than I often do the product.




My natural lashes without any mascara or curling at all (excuse my tired eyes)

Sublime De Chanel declares its an infinite length and curl mascara – now I’m not going to be unrealistic and expect lashes like I’ve got false or extensions on but I would like to see some results.


My lashes with 1 coat of Chanel’s Sublime De Chanel

The mascara I purchased was in colour 01Deep Black, this is just a preference thing for me. The blacker the better. The wand is small and well defined. You can easily get to those little hiding lashes on the top of your eye and due to the wands design it covers every lash. I like to build my mascara up a little with 1 coat to make sure I have them all covered, but I find with this mascara I didn’t need too. I literally stroked it over my lashes maybe twice in each area and they were covered. They instantly did look more curled like I had used eye lash curlers (something I do daily but have not today just to see what result I would get with this mascara alone).


Packaging Shots of Sublime De Chanel

I do find that the mascara is very wet and thick. I hate thick mascaras when you have to wipe the wand slightly and even then you end up waiting 10 minutes and usually sneezing through some unfortunate event and ending up with panda eyes while it dries. I’ll give them their due though, this mascara spite its thick consistency does dry quite quickly.

Wand view of Sublime de Chanel

Compared to my all time favourite higher end mascara (Dior Show Maximiser) this has fantastic lasting perfection. I find I can go most of the day without panda eyes or smudges and that as long as I lightly powder up again half way through day I can usually make it last a good 8 hours. Which for any mascara is impressive. I would have liked them to do a waterproof version (If they do I don’t know) as I prefer waterproof mascaras but with lasting powder like it has this out weighs that option hands down.

Over all, I liked the Sublime De Chanel. Its a nice mascara that’s very black and lasts well. It does give some curl, length and definitely definition. The price tag at £22.50 (Debenhams) might be a little high for some but if you are looking for more of a high end product – it does what it says on the box. There are cheaper ones out there that I’m sure do the same job, but if you want a little luxury in your makeup bag, then why not try this!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx