Cetraben Cream and Lotion – A Winter Solution for Problematic Skin

Today’s post is on the Cetraben cream and Lotion, a range designed for problematic, dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin. If you follow my blog you will know I suffer with eczema and psoriasis and recently have been having a nasty flare up due to the weather and stress. So, I’ve been putting these products to the test to see how they fair.

Cetraben Cream and Lotion

In the colder months anyone can suffer with dry skin. Often its peoples hands or faces, but for some of us its an all year around thing. I have been using things to ease my eczema for years now and am relatively lucky that I only get it on 3 areas of my whole body. Unfortunately 2 of those areas; my face and hands, are often exposed to the elements which means they can feel very uncomfortable. Cetraben has a range especially for those of us with dry, problematic and eczema prone skin and being super affordable too I think they are well worth checking out. I have been testing the Cetraben Cream and Cetraben Lotion and thought I would share with you my thoughts.

So what is Cetraben?

Cetraben’s special blend of ingredients has helped millions of people manage dry and eczema-prone skin. Its unique and balanced formulations help to treat dry and eczema-prone skin by re-hydrating and protecting it from irritants.

Cetraben cream and lotion both contain:

  • Light Liquid Paraffin – replaces lost skin oils
  • White Soft Paraffin – forms a protective barrier on the skin surface  
  • Glycerin – brings moisture up from deep down in the skin

The exact balance of these three simple ingredients, working in harmony with the skin, is the secret that makes Cetraben so popular.


Cetraben Cream
Cetraben Cream

I have the Cetraben Cream in 2 sizes, 200ml and also a 50ml. This is great as it means I leave the larger one at home and have the smaller one for my handbag, so I get releif while on the go and out and about.

The Cetraben Cream is definitely a more heavy product and in my opinion more intensive. This product is perfect for you if you suffer with dry, chapped hands and I have been using it a few times daily on my hands and not had any additional dry patches or cracks. In fact, my hands are a lot softer and hydrated and there is minimal irritation from before (I get severe itching between my fingers and around my joints). This is a prefect hand cream for those who have sensitive hands too.

For some this may still look unsightly, but the Cetraben Cream has made my eczema flare up tolerable and a lot more comfortable!
For some this may still look unsightly, but the Cetraben Cream has made my eczema flare up tolerable and a lot more comfortable!

I have also been applying this directly to my eczema inflammation under my eyes at present which is quite nasty. I look like I’ve been punched in the eyes they are that swollen and are itchy, hot and extremely sore to touch. The Cetraben Cream is one of the few creams I’ve been able to apply directly to that area and feel comfort without reaction. It really is very soothing and I’ve been extremely happy with the results. You need very little of this product to get good, hydration and relief from symptoms associated with dry skin conditions too. You can use it as often as require and it is suitable for adults and children (There is also a note on there stating that using it during pregnancy or breastfeeding is unlikely to cause any ill effect).

The Cetraben Cream costs £7.99 for the 200ml an £4.99 for the 50ml – its a Winter must have for those with problematic skin!

Cetraben Lotion
Cetraben Lotion

The Cetraben Lotion is almost the same as the cream. The formulas are VERY similar in feel and texture, it is only the consistency that is different. The Cetraben lotion is a lot lighter. This is great for those who have dry skin (Especially the elderly), who need a sensitive body lotion. It light so it absorbs into the skin with minimal rubbing and doesn’t have a ‘sticky’ or ‘wet’ feel to it afterwards, where as the cream leaves that super hydrated feel to the skin.

The lotion will be great for those who have dry scaly legs (Yes, I get that too) and perfect for after a bath/shower. I can see me using the lotion a lot on my son who I usually use an emollient cream on and find it can be a little heavy. The lotion provides good hydration and relief without the sticky intensive feeling, definitely more for those with lighter skin conditions, but still a great product and one I can see myself using a lot!

The Cetraben Lotion costs £7.99 for 200ml.

Both the cream and lotion do not really have a fragrance, if you have ever been prescribed Doublebase from the doctor, its very similar to that. While testing them on my sensitive skin, I’ve had no reactions at all and also noticed an improvement in some areas of my body, so would recommend them, although the Cream is definitely my favourite and the one I use the most of especially for when I’m out and on the go.

I thoroughly recommend the Cetraben Cream and Lotion and hope that these products give you the same amount of relief I have got from using them if you try them.

Cetraben is available from Pharmacies, Tesco and also Amazon.

For more information on Cetraben, why not checkout their Website or Facebook page?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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