I’m in love…. and I’m not talking just with Mark! I’ve fallen hard for a hair colour!

I loved being a hairdresser, it was one of the most fun jobs I ever had. But I soon learned when training that unless I could play with hair dye all day the job just wasn’t for me. I could of at the time trained for another year and gone on to be a colour technician but nature didn’t allow that and due to some health complaints I had to leave the world of hair dressing behind.

It hasn’t stopped me from loving hair though, I still love playing with hair both my own and others. When the children have to do something funky for school or a disco I’m the first go get creative! I’ve even done their hair and friends for productions and shows – this I love doing! I really should post more hair tutorials on my YouTube channel! <makes a  mental note>

Butterscotch! The flavour is gorgeous and sweet but how about on your hair? Trends at present are high with a whole host of colours but the ‘I’m not brown but I’m not blonde either’ colour trend is huge right now. Sunkissed beach locks are gorgeous area high fashion look or for the little more daring the ombre dip dye, can anyone pull it off? Look at Cheryl going from brunette to blonde – doesn’t she look gorgeous?!

I guess the thing I love so much about the butterscotch colour trend is that it’s not actually one colour. Flat colour is out, multi-toning is in and mixing the blonde with a warmth and brown brings out the sexy tones in the hair – almost any shade of medium brown to light blonde can pull it off to some degree, whether you go the whole hog and do a full tint to subtle high/low light with tint (Or bleach with a toner after depending on how much lift you need).

Serious girl crush on Drew!

I miss hair colouring so much and less I am having bleach high lights (And I’m talking full head) I do not visit the hair dresser but do my own. This is not to be advised by all, if you don’t know what you are doing seek advice – otherwise you can have slightly dire consequences and it could end up costing you a whole lot more money (And heart ache) if you need a home hair incident fixed! Having said that, with items on the market now like ColourB4 many mistakes can be rectified (ColourB4 does not remove bleach highlights as the colour has already been stripped from the hair by the bleach!!) but remember to have a toner on hand as you may be a bit brassy!

If you need this, be prepared for the smell of it and remember NOT to scrimp on the rinsing times, these are important to the process!

Alas, I am taking the plunge, my multi toned light blonde/dark blonde hair is going to be put to butterscotch or as close to it as I can. Why you ask? Other than I love the colour, I have fallen in love with a shade of hair extensions which I will be buying and will also be reviewing!

After some research into what colour I will be applying (My natural hair colour is dark blonde – around a base of a 7 with gold/ash undertones) and think I’ll be using Perfect 10 by Clarol in Shade 7 Dark Blonde (Butterscotch Boom). It should pick up the high lights nicely in my hair so they are muti-tonal and not darken my natural hair colour too much (Where the sun hasn’t grabbed it by the throat and bleached it to within an inch of its life!). I have used Perfect 10 a few times now usually in their shade 8 Medium Blonde (Readymade Cupcake) and think I have used shade 7 before and it can’t have been that bad. I also may run this through my current extensions as it will mean my hair is darker than they are, but this will not be for long. They are a bit battered hence looking for new ones. Hopefully at the end I should have glossy, butterscotch locks – if I don’t I’ll find a way too them 😉

So fingers crossed I will be dragging Mark with me to buy my hair colour (He so hates this as I know what I am looking for and take ages weighing up the colorants with their peroxide vales etc for lift!) and then colouring my hair – I’m excited!

Have you hit upon the butterscotch/ombre hair trend? How’s your locks looking?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx