Today I want to talk about nail hygiene and my thoughts on the Bruzz Nail Brush, labelled ‘The most hygienic nail brush in the world’.

Bruzz Nail Brush

Nail brushes aren’t something you see much these days. For me they are those nasty pink things you used to see in your Nan’s bathroom. But times have changed a lot and nail brushes have come a long way. Keeping your nails clean, especially with children is super important as it helps fighting germs and sometimes illness – also clean nails look a lot nicer than dirty ones… Am I right?

I have never reviewed a nail brush before, so the Bruzz nail brush is something new for my blog, a first if you will. However, since trying this nifty little thing out, I wouldn’t be without it!

Bruzz Nail Brush

Here is some information on the Bruzz Nail Brush…

The BruzZis the newest product to hit the nail and beauty industry, it’s unique patented design means that there is no product like it in the world! The BruzZis invented and designed in the UK. The innovative triple action hygienic nail brush which provides a comfortable, stimulating cleaning experience can also be used as a dusting brush, it easily removes all filing dust and is easily sanitised between clients.


Firstly put away all those images and notions of those horrible old nail brushes in the past, the Bruzz is super different. It looks sleek, it looks cool and its really easy to use. It is a good sizes, I have relatively small hands and fingers and it fits neatly into my hand. It would be fine for children and those with big hands too (Even guys will find it comfortable to hold). With the rubber back where the logo is, it makes the brush stay put in your hand while you use it on your nails, it isn’t slippery which is another plus.

Bruzz Nail Brush

The bristles are completely different to what I’ve used before. I have taken a close up so you can see, there are lots of tiny rubberised bristles ready to clean your nails properly. These aren’t rough and sharp like those nails brushes of the past and it means you get a good, thorough clean without the pain!

This brush is fully sanitisable, limits spray when cleaning your nails, cleans both nails and fingers, can be used on natural and artificial nails, the bristles are removable and easy to clean, they are also anti bacterial bristles plus my one is vanilla scented (Yep, I’m just putting that bit out there, but it does smell nice!).

Another great thing about this brush is it can also be used after filing and buffing your nails to remove dust. So is great to use then before painting your nails. This means your nail varnish won’t get dust particles in it and will be a lot better too!

Bruzz Nail Brush - Rubber bristles for a soft feel but great clean

Bruzz Nail Brush – Rubber bristles for a soft feel but great clean

So, as you can see the Bruzz Nail Brush really is something to shout about. I think its a great tool and have been using it a lot for removing the dust from my nails and also keeping them clean. I will add this in case you are curious, the nail brush did not mess up my nail varnish either. It didn’t cause chipping of flaking – obviously I wouldn’t use the nail brush 5 minutes after painting my nails, but I did use it the same day (Probably an hour or so later) and have used it several times since and my nail varnish is still perfect!

I really recommend this nail brush from Bruzz. I have to be honest, when I first saw it I honestly didn’t think it would be anything special, but it really is something clever and I’m glad I got the chance to try it out!

The Bruzz Nail Brush is available from Bruzz and comes in different colours too. Each brush costs £9.99.

For more information on Bruzz and their products, why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx