Broadway Impress Press-On False Nails in 58065

You may find it hard to believe, but it takes a lot to ‘impress’ me (Ok, I know, bad pun!), I’ve never been a fan of press on false nails… That was until now.

Broadway Impress Press-On False Nails in 58065

I recently won a giveaway with the lovely WhatLauraLoves (Check out her blog, she is lovely!) and in the prize was 2 sets of Broadway Impress Press-On False Nails. I was bored last week so I decided to apply them. Now, I’ve read a few reviews and they are REALLY mixed on how long they last and whether they are any good. These are the first set of false nails I’ve tried in years so I can’t really comment on whether they are better quality than others on the market, what I can say is how well they have lasted on my nails!


The Impress Nails are super easy to apply, I have included the video above which is pretty cheesy if I’m honest, but it does show how easy they are to put on. In fact I did just what they did, bar I also used the ‘wipe’ which comes with the pack and removes ALL oils etc from your nails before application (Leaving a perfect base for application).

Cute 'Nail Polish' design casing
Cute ‘Nail Polish’ design casing

The packaging is pretty cute, in that its shaped like a nail polish bottle. There are 24 nails in the pack in 12 sizes, so they should work for most peoples nail shapes and you could probably get 2 sets out of each pack. The adhesive tags you pull off can be a little stiff, but once off you just push them on the centre of your nail and then down the sides. There is no actual ‘glueing’ like with the other false nails you sometimes see, so no mess (Bar some little bits of plastic from removing the glue tabs from the nails). It recommends not getting them wet (As in washing your hands etc) for 30 minutes and they will last up until a week. Ok, I’m 1 week in now and my nails are still perfectly in tact, still look great and not one has come off! The only reason I am removing them now is I get bored of the same polish, so am bored of the colour of these ones.

Broadway Impress Press-On False Nails in 58065 - After applying (First Day)
Broadway Impress Press-On False Nails in 58065 – After applying (First Day)
Broadway Impress Press-On False Nails in 58065 - After Applying (1st day)
Broadway Impress Press-On False Nails in 58065 – After Applying (1st day)

Over all, these Impress Nails from Broadway have really changed my opinion of false nails. My nails grow really fast and are pretty strong, what I liked about these though is I cut all of mine down to get rid of marks from previous tips I had which had made my nails weak in places. The Impress nails went over my nails, giving them chance to grow and get stronger while still looking great. The glue pads on the nails did not damage my nails at all and I had no issues removing them either. As with all products, its how you apply them that can make all the difference. My nails are even and reguarly manicured, so the base is even for the press on nails to be applied. I washed my hands before application and made sure they were completely dry (Including using a piece of kitchen towel to remove any excess water from around the cuticles, nail bed and around my fingers). I can only guess that because I took all these cautions that is why they have lasted so well. I have still done all the things I normally would (Housework, hand washing, laundry, hair colouring etc) and not once have I lost a nail! I would definitely purchase these again, but maybe in a longer length next time.

1 week later!
1 week later! Not one had moved, come off, chipped, split or anything else! They look just as they did when applied.

The Impress Press On Nails cost from £3.99 upwards at Superdrug (Depending on design, length etc).

For more information regarding Impress nails from Broadway, why not check out their Website or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx