Everywhere you look at present nail wraps are becoming big news! I’m seeing them everywhere with  different brands and designs springing up all over the place. While in Boots the other day I cam across some Nail Inc. wraps. I’d never seen them in there before so guessing they are a new line and was trying to decide between pink and black leopard print and zebra print – the zebras won that time.

Here’s how I applied the nail wraps to my nails and after I’ll tell you what I thought about them.

Firstly you will need the following; Some Nail Inc Nail Wraps, Hair Dryer, Scissors and a Nail file (Preferably an emery board to a metal one).

From the pack you will see there is lots of wraps. Look through them measuring up which one will fit your first nail. When you have found the correct size wrap, (Or nearest to your nail size, you can trim them down in width if need be but don’t worry about the length for now!!).
Peel the wrap off of the back and lightly warm it for a few seconds with the hair dryer, it’s just to soften it slightly. Then apply to the nail starting at the cuticle and press firmly working out all the wrinkly bits (If you have some).
If you have a stubborn bit or its not smoothing down right hold the hair dryer on it for a few seconds again on a medium heat and then reposition the wrap. Once you have done this you should have a nail that looks something like this.
Gently trim off the excess and with a nail file lightly buff off the bits that are left. And voila! That’s how easy it is.
My Full Hand Done
Now my thoughts on these nail wraps. In theory they are relatively easy, I think it took me 17 minutes to do both hands so a little longer than nail polish but still not terrible. The process was almost like a production line, once you’d done a couple the rest were quite simple.
The end result (At a glance) looks good. However close up you will see (Look at my thumb in the above picture) they are some bumps. I could not remove these for love or money. After numerous attempts they would not come out. I felt the wraps weren’t as pliable as some I have tried before and when heated they are more pliable but again you just get remove all the lumps.
I was also disappointed with the actual pack size. You get 24 wraps for fingers and toes (with spares) it says on the packet, but you end up using all the popular ones and I don’t see how you would be able to get your toes and fingers done with one pack. I struggled getting my fingers all done with one.
For the price of £7.95 I also felt that they were nice, but not really worth the money. I’m not sure how long they will last although looking at them I think if they don’t deteriorate within a couple of days I’ll be surprised (I will update this review and say how long they last!!).
I don’t think I’ll be buying them again, shame as I loved the other designs but I would try nail wraps again I’m sure.
Lots of Love,
Mel xxxx