Nothing says, ‘MUST TRY’ like a new foundation, today’s offering is the Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation in 43 Golden Nude (Nude Doré).

Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation 43 Golden Nude/Nude Doré

I haven’t reviewed a foundation in a while purely as I’ve not bought for. I saw the Nude Sensation foundation recently from Bourjois and knew I had to try it. Over all, I like Bourjois foundations and their other products too, so this felt like a no brainer for me.

Here is some information about the Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation…

Bourjois Nude Sensation Blur Effect Foundation is an incredibly light mousse foundation with a silky texture that melts instantly into the skin leaving the complexion evened out and smooth. The foundation offers the feel of a feather-light texture, the comfort of bare skin and the incredible results of a smooth-effect foundation.


Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation 43 Golden Nude/Nude Doré

Recently I’ve been loving ‘bare skin’ foundations and with the summer coming its something I can see being really popular too. My ultimate favourite bare skin foundation is probably Naked Skin by Urban Decay (Review here), but obviously that comes with a nice big price tag and sometimes you want something more reasonably priced for every day wear. Bourjois make great foundations and their Nude Sensation is something a little different. Firstly let me say it is nothing like Naked Skin. Nude Sensation has a mousse like texture, its spongy in the ‘jar’ and feels light and whipped on the finger.

I chose 43 Golden Nude/Nude Doré, which I would say is best suited for those with a light/medium skin tone. At present my face is really pale as I do not fake tan my face at all, but my body has a nice golden tan (All be it fake). There are only 4 shades available which isn’t great, but I did find this adapted on the skin, so how it looks in the jar is not the same as on the skin as you can see from the swatch – so if you are looking to buy, try and swatch it first if you can find it.

Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation 43 Golden Nude/Nude Doré Swatch (Left) Unblended (Right) Blended

Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation 43 Golden Nude/Nude Doré Swatch (Left) Unblended (Right) Blended

I have tried various ways to apply the Nude Sensation from Bourjois and found dotting it on my face and then blending out with a buffing or stippling brush is the best.. This is very much like a primer in some ways in that it does help to blur pores and give your skin a more even appearance with a light coverage. The coverage is light depending on how you layer it. You can build this up to a little but coverage is still minimal and less you have perfect skin you are going to need to conceal after. You could however pop this on and then apply a foundation over the top if you wanted it to act like a primer, I found this a good way to up the anti of another foundation. If I was in full summer mode, this would be perfect alone in my opinion as I do prefer a light finish then.

On the skin as you can see my imperfections are mostly masked. It evened out my skin tone, hid some of my blemishes (Bar the huge mountain currently on my chin) and gave me a nice glow without the shine – its my skin but better, that’s how I liked to think of it. The finish is smooth and demi matte although it didn’t suck the life out of my skin either, I looked healthy.

Lasting power wasn’t bad either. In the photos I am wearing the Nude Sensations foundation alone without concealer or powder. But on a general day I will apply concealer and also add a little powder to those areas I’ve concealed just to set those areas. I found I got about 6 hours wear which I thought was pretty good and then I started to look a little shiny. I would also like to add, I have dry skin and did wonder if the mousse like texture would cling to those areas and make them more prominent, but in fact those areas were well hydrated and there were no issues. I think as long as you moisturise well first there won’t be an issue. I haven’t been wearing primers recently as I’m currently out of my favourite Smashbox one, but will say with a primer you may get greater wear out of this.

Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation 43 Golden Nude/Nude Doré (Left) Before (Right) After application

Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation 43 Golden Nude/Nude Doré (Left) Before (Right) After application

So overall, the Bourjois Nude Sensation foundation was a hit with me, but will be even better come Summer. I love a lighter look right now, something more natural with a glow for summer and this foundation is perfect for that. If you have heavy scarring/pigmentation then this isn’t for you, unless you are using it more as a primer. However, for those with mild discolouration, or good skin etc then I think you may like this, especially if you like a natural finish. On a finishing note, this foundation does have a mild sweet scent. so those who react to scented products may want to avoid, however I found it really lovely (I always love the fragrances of Bourjois products).

The Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation is available in 4 shades and costs £9.99 for 18ml/0.61 fl.oz. I purchased mine from ASOS, but have also found it available on FeelUnique.

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