Botanicals Gentle Cleanse Melt For Normal, Sensitive and Combination Skin

Botanicals Gentle Cleanse Melt For Normal, Sensitive and Combination Skin

Todays review is featuring a cleanse melt from Botanicals. This post is aimed at those who like me have sensitive skin. As I have both eczema and psoriasis on my face it can be hard to find skin care products. Here are my thoughts on this small pot of wonderfulness.

A couple of years ago I reviewed the Botanicals Cleansing Melt in Rose and Camellia (See the post here). I’ve since repurchased it several times as I find it a great cleanser. Both for removing makeup but also space saving and cost effective. When you have sensitive skin it can be hard to find products that work for you. This cleansing melt it worth every penny I find. So when I was asked if I’d like to try then Gently Cleansing Melt for Sensitive and Combination skin by Botanicals I of course jumped at the chance.

Botanical Gentle Cleanse Melt For Normal, Sensitive and Combination SkinHere is some information about the Botanicals Gentle Cleanse Melt Normal, Sensitive and Combination Skin…

Botanicals cleansing melt is different. It will dissolve and lift make up, dead skin cells and other impurities – whilst retaining the skin’s natural balance.

When removed with a hot cloth, pores will open, and all of the impurities which cause dull and blemished skin will be gently released and wiped away.

Not only do the precious oils in organic products help retain natural balance, they also have a healing, protective and moisturising effect on the skin.

Botanicals Gentle Cleansing Melt is ideal for normal, sensitive and problem skin. Choose our rose & camellia melt if your skin is mature or prone to dryness.

This products is concentrated (does not contain water) so only a small amount is needed. Which also makes it great value for money as a little goes a long way.


Writing this post is one of the few times I wish blogs came with ‘sense extras’, as you really need to feel this product but also smell it too. Botanicals products have amazing scents. I love that they are natural to the product too. I know many with sensitive skin worry about fragrances. But these are light, fresh and although they linger slightly on the skin are not overpowering. This cleansing melt has a light lavender fragrance, so very relaxing. Although I can also detect the underlying scent of Camomile too.

Botanical Gentle Cleanse Melt For Normal, Sensitive and Combination SkinWhen applied you need only a small pea sized amount. When warmed between your fingers then massaged into your skin, the product spreads like silk. There is no dragging feeling like with some products. Due to the use of oils in the product (Shea butter and virgin coconut oil to name a couple) your skin feels so hydrated while massaging the melt in. I often will do this in the bath and leave it sitting on my skin 5-10 minutes as it feels so nice and relaxing. You then use your muslin (Warm water rung out a little so its not sopping) to gently remove the melt from your skin. You can also use damp cotton pads, although I only do this if my makeup is heavy.

After using the cleansing melt I find my skin feels plumper, hydrated and clean. There are no other cleansers I have tried that make my skin feel as good as the Botanicals one. When in your 40s I think its essential to look after your skin, more so than any other time. The cleansing melts for me are luxurious but worth every penny.

I know many would frown at the cost of this cleanser, it is an expensive out lay. However, when you are using such a small amount each time it does last. Before using the cleansing melt I would use a soap based cleanser. This did the job to a degree but but I was left with makeup still on my face in places. I would then have to use a separate makeup remover. So essentially using 2 products at a time to do 1 job. I also found the soap based cleansing wash would dry my face out or if I was having a flare up with my skin conditions, make it worse.

I still pay a little more than the 2 products I was using previously. But when I am having no reactions to the cleansing melt, plus it is cleansing my face in one step. Its a no brainer why I keep going back to this brand. Botanical has some amazing products in their line and I feel they are one of those brands people don’t hear about and should.

Botanicals Cleanse MeltsTo conclude the Botanicals Gentle Cleanse Melt for Normal, Sensitive and Combination Skin is a great product. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing this one out as I wouldn’t have looked at it when I was so happy with the Rose and Camellia version. I like both products equally I find both cleansing melts work effectively to cleanse my skin with no reactions to the products at all. In the future I can see me using this cleansing melt more in the Spring and Summer when my skin sits more on the normal side and the Rose and Camellia in the Autumn and Winter when my skin is drier.

Either way, Botanicals cleansing melts are something I feel most people would benefit from. With 87% organic ingredients that are natural too. Its like having a mini facial each time I cleanse my face. The scents are light and refreshing, Botanicals will always have a fan here with me.

The Botanicals Gentle Cleanse Melt For Normal, Sensitive and Combination Skin is available directly from Botanicals. Available in 2 sizes prices start at £26 for a 60g regular pot. This product is also available in a 150g pot at £50. I also recommend purchasing the organic muslin cloth at time of purchase for an additional £3.

*pr sample*