Finding a product that does what it says and is cost effective can be hard, today’s review is on the Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil and how its something I now wouldn’t be without.

Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil

Having had exceptionally problematic skin recently I was dubious about adding a new skin care product into my daily regime. However, feeling a bit gung ho and knowing I had nothing to lose (After all, how could my skin get any worse?) I decided to start testing out the Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil. This was the first product I had tried from the Time Delay range so was really interested to see what results I would achieve.

Here is some information on the Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil…

Age control to smooth, firm and restore.

Our luxurious non-greasy facial oil absorbs into your skin and is specially developed to restore firmness and tone, containing shea butter complex to help stimulate skin renewal.

It works instantly and over time, dealing directly with the signs of ageing, leaving skin smooth, soft and radiant.
Can be used both day and night; for best results, use in conjunction with your favourite Time Delay moisturiser to give your skin a boost.


Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil

I really love facial oils and have used a few now over the past few years. Some can be really expensive though (An old favourite was £45 for about 15-20ml I think!) and finding one that actually works but also was affordable can be a little pot luck. I nearly always use a facial oil at night and will often still use my moisturiser too. The Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil has become a firm favourite since the first time I’ve used it and using so little of the product each time means the investment is minimal.

Consistency wise, its much like any other facial oil. A few drops are all you need. Just warm them on your fingers then apply them to your face (I usually massage them in well). I then always apply my face cream (At night I apply the same and do not use a special night cream). The Night Oil is so light it feels amazing. Your skin doesn’t feel heavy or clogged like some oils can. I also felt that ‘greasy’ feeling you sometimes can get from an oil wasn’t there. My skin did feel instantly hydrated and nourished, but also plumper and fuller.

This Night Oil does have a fragrance to it. I liken it to baby powder, although my other half says it reminds him of something else he cannot put his finger on. The scent is not offensive though and really lovely. Its quite sweet and I will add it does linger on the skin. Having sensitive skin, I will also add I had no issues with this product at all on my skin.

As the product stated it can also be used in the day time I also started using it mornings too. I loved how my skin feel so hydrated that the dry areas I often suffer with meant my makeup application lasted better on them. My skins appearance also looked better too. Being someone who has very few wrinkles (There are exceptionally good genes in my family and we all appear younger than what we actually are), I can say those I do have improved. Especially my frown lines and smile lines. I have not applied this product near my eyes at all as one, is specifies to avoid the eyes and two, that’s where my skin has been reacting the worst, so I do still have my wrinkles there unfortunately.

Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil

I think the biggest surprise for me with the Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil which I briefly touched on before was the cost. The product size is 30ml which doesn’t sound a lot, but when you think this is a facial oil and how little you use in a day it really does last a VERY LONG time, add to that it costs £13.99 and I think you can see its a no brainer when it comes to maybe giving it a go!

Over all, I’ve been hugely impressed with this product. My skin looks great, it feels great, I’ve had no further reactions and for once, I’ve found a product which is affordable. I’ve enjoyed using the Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil so much (And I still use it twice daily), that I am going to look to other products in the Time Delay range. Especially as (With most Boots products) they are often on offer, so you can save more money!

The Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Night Oil costs £13.99 for 30ml of product and is available in Boots stores and online. At present, Boots are also running a ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’ on selected Time Delay products, so now’s the time to try it if you can!

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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