Bleach London Super Natural Mid Brown

It isn’t often I get excited about a new product, but the Bleach London Super Natural Mid Brown hair dye pique my interest. This is the first time (I believe) a product like this has launched onto the market. So, I decided as its Autumn (Pratically) and I generally go darker then I’d give it a go.

Here’s what Bleach London have to say about their Super Natural in Mid Brown…

Medium Brown Super Natural kit is a two-step system that follows in-salon colour correction theory to deliver a multidimensional medium brown.

The first step adds vital warmth back into bleached strands, while the second step creates a rich medium brown finish that’s smooth and silky soft.

Formulated with Sea Buckthorn and Red Algae to restore hair health and strengthen strands.


The reason I got so excited about the launch of the Super Natural range was there’s nothing like it for the ‘general consumer’ on the market. For those who are bleached and then want to return to a natural colour (Or close to it) it usually involved buying multi products to get there. As someone who used to be a hair dresser, I have my ‘go to’ method which I use but in honesty it is fairly costly. The Bleach London Super Natural range costs around £15 (At present you can get it in Boots for £10).

Available in 3 shades; Dark Blonde, Mid Brown and Dark Brown. The theory is you apply one colour first (A warm tone) which acts as a ‘filler/pre-pig’ for the bleached hair (So it won’t go green or muddy coloured as Blonde especially bleach has no pigment as such or is yellow at best. If you apply a dark brown over that straight away its not good), then after that’s processed and rinsed you then apply the shade colour (In my case the mid brown). Leaving you with the destination colour.

In the box you pretty much have what you need in the colour department, BUT you WILL NEED a tint bowl and a tint brush. These can be purchased from Bleach London (Or in honesty if you don’t mind plastic Poundland etc do similar). Gloves are provided too (2 pairs) but I’d rather use my own latex ones. The developer is used for BOTH tubes of hair dye, there is a guide on the bottle that shows you were ‘half’ is, so only use HALF the developer per dye. I recommend READING THE INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY before beginning!!

As always I can’t stress this enough, do a stand test and a sensitivity test.


This is a lengthly process and the instructions state you’ll need about 1-2 hours (Depending how quick you apply). I’d also like to add if your hair is on yours shoulders or below maybe get more than 1 box – just saying.

You need to shampoo/rinse and towel dry your hair (No conditioner, just shampoo). Detangle and apply the 1st dye. This will be a warm shade so do not freak out (I’ve included pictures). This is just getting those bleach parts ready for going darker. Allow this to process for 20 minutes (Do not leave longer), then rinse well. Again, DO NOT CONDITION the hair yet. Once rinsed and detangled you’ll be applying the second colour. This will be the brown one. Same process, apply the colour throughout the hair and comb through. Allow to develop for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Apply the reincarnation mask for 5-10 minutes. Rinse… And bobs your uncle you are done.

So, my thoughts on Super Natural Mid Brown by Bleach London and results obviously. It’s an easy process once you read the instructions and follow them! But it is also lengthly. Some things I felt could have been clearer. Especially with regards to the filler (Its dye you apply). Personally if you’ve got roots (And not a full head of bleached hair), I don’t see the point in applying the filler to the whole head. This wasn’t stated in the instructions but is shown in their instructional videos. So I only applied this so my bleached areas and then massaged it through everywhere about 5 minutes before I washed it off. The brown shade however I did apply everywhere.

The product smells quite nice, it had a slightly sweet fruity smell. Unlike the Parma Violets smell of the Reincarnation mask. There isn’s a strong ‘dye’ scent to these. Remember, it’s only a ‘Demi Permanent’ colour so its going to fade/wash out. This is NOT PERMANENT. Although the ‘filler’ shade may stain your previously bleached hair. So bare that in mind if you decide to go back to blonde at another date.

My hair even though its bleached is in VERY good condition, I didn’t find the dye made it any worse. In fact afterwards it was super soft and glossy. Like really shiny, as if I’d used my usual Shades EQ dyes. My only jab at this if you want me to be SUPER picky, was that the result is a lot darker than I expected. A mid brown to me is around a shade 5 (Light brown is 6 and dark brown is 4). My hair looks closer to a 4. It’s a deep, warm brown. However, I did have some colour depositing mask on my blonde before I used this and that’s probably the reason why. I’d have preferred a less warm result, but its fixable.

I can’t comment on how long it stays in my hair as I’ve only washed it twice since doing it. I will say it still looks as dark and glossy as when I first did it.

Over all, I think this is a genius product for the regular consumer. I’ve had a lot of questions over the years on how I took my hair from light to dark without frying it. This is a really good option and like I said, (With the bowl and brush exception) you get what you need in 1 box. Cost wise I think its fairly decent too. So, its a thumbs up from me!

You can purchase Bleach London Super Natural from Bleach London at £15. I got mine from Boots (I believe on offer) for £10.


– Mel x