If you are a light blonde you will know its all about the purple coloured shampoo, Bleach London Silver Shampoo is a purple shampoo to remove brassiness from your hair and keep it looking its best. Here are my thoughts on this product…

Bleach London Silver Shampoo

Now when it comes to purple shampoos I like to think I’m a bit of a connoisseur. Lets be honest, I have tried A LOT! After a fair amount of mixed reviews on Bleach London products, I was really interested to see what their Silver Shampoo would be like and how it would fair compared to other toning shampoos I’ve tried and that are on the market.

Here is some information on Bleach London Silver Shampoo…

For blondes that constantly strive for whiter, brighter colour. Use this shampoo every other wash to keep your perfect ashy blonde tone. With wheat proteins and vitamin B5 to moisturise your hair.

Directions for use: Lather into wet hair and massage through to the ends. Rinse well and follow with Bleach London Silver Conditioner.


Being priced in the ‘middle’ price bracket compared to other toning shampoos I have tried, I will tell you what I thought about it and then tell you how it compares to the others. At present my hair is a base shade 9/10 (Mostly 10) very light blonde. I have some light golden tones and most of my hair (When not toned) is yellow (Not light yellow/cream coloured – like when you are striving for platinum). So, this review is based on my findings on having this colour hair. If your hair is darker than mine, I do not think the results would be as intense, if its lighter, I would think they definitely will be more intense – make sense? Right, onto the review….

Applying this shampoo is pretty easy. If you are like me and generally only wash your hair once when cleaning (I rarely wash, rinse and repeat) then you can pop this on straight away after getting your hair wet. However, if you have a little product build up, I recommend clarifying first then popping it on. I find it takes a lot better as there is no build up at all on your hair – still that’s only a tip! So, I wet my hair, pop about a tablespoon amount on and massage it in, I leave it on for about 3-5 minutes, rinse with cool water then condition (Rinsing with cool water helps lock that colour in a bit better – another tip for you). I am not using the Silver Conditioner that Bleach London also make, so cannot comment on that at present.

Bleach London Silver Shampoo - Heavily pigmented

Bleach London Silver Shampoo – Heavily pigmented

When I first used this product I really didn’t notice a lot of difference. I was really disappointed with the results and have seem better results with much cheaper products after 1 use (I will talk about that shortly). However, I decided to use it again on my next wash… 1 word… WOW! Oh my! Right, second time round and I was super impressed! My hair looks SO MUCH cooler (As it toned down, not ‘hey, that’s cool‘), no brass at all and was amazing! This is definitely a product you can build up (Although be careful, you may go lilac, less that’s your aim!) and once you are where you want to be switch to every other wash or even once a week.

I did find the Bleach London Silver Shampoo a little drying. Its nothing my normal conditioner didn’t sort out, but unlike some purple shampoos I use which leave my hair super soft, this had more of an effect like I had clarified my hair. Everyone is different with this though and like I said, once conditioned it was fine.

Bleach London Silver Shampoo - Before using product

Bleach London Silver Shampoo – Before using product

Bleach London Silver Shampoo - After using product

Bleach London Silver Shampoo – After using product

So, in conclusion I do think its a really great toning shampoo. As with all of the toning shampoos I have tried. You really have got to know that your hair is the right colour to use them as you will see little, if no result at all otherwise. Purple shampoos are designed for yellow hair and to counteract that yellow brassy tone. This means yellow and light gold, not orange. However, Bleach London Silver Shampoo is purple, but does look kind of indigo too and I think it may help with pale orange. My hair is yellow, so I can’t test that theory, but it might help – just a thought is all and no promises.

So, do I think Bleach London Silver Shampoo is a good toning shampoo? Yes I really do and I definitely will continue to use it.

How does Bleach London Silver Shampoo compare to others on the market? Ok, here are 3 silver/purple toning shampoos I have tried recently and how it compares to them including their prices…

  • Bristow Silver Shampoo (£1 at Poundworld) – Bleach London is miles better. Super concentrated, it lasts on the hair better and smells nicer too. Bristow is such a pale purple that it really would only do wonders on creamy yellow hair or platinum.
  • Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Weekly Shampoo (£3.09 at Superdrug) – Colour wise they are close although again Bleach London is slightly more pigmented. Pro:voke does leave your hair feeling softer but doesn’t work as well if you have really brassy tones. Also, I found Bleach London lasted on my hair a little better.
  • Schwarzkoph Bonacure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo (£6.50 at Amazon) – Really tough one. I would say they are VERY similar. Bonacure has a nicer fragrance and does leave your hair softer. But, Bleach London lasts a little better on the hair, also you use (Or I did) a lot more of the Bleach London when washing it (It never seemed to lather amazingly less I applied more than normal) than Bonacure. I would call it a draw – I really am tied!

So, there you have it my review of Bleach London Silver Shampoo. It really is a great toning shampoo and one I can see me repurchasing. I’m still not sure whether its my new favourite over Bonacure, but it is very good on my hair. I hope the photos do it justice!

You can purchase Bleach London Silver Shampoo from Boots, it costs £5 for 250ml of product.

For more information on Bleach London and their products, why not check out their website or Twitter.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx