My Birthday Present Wishlist

Happy New Year to you all, todays post is my Birthday Wishlist. Hard to believe that tomorrow (7th) I turn 39 and will be 1 year off of the big 4-0. No longer will I be 30 Something… Although in honesty I can’t see me changing my name or my blog.

With 2015 I am taking a more relaxed approach to blogging. Many others do it as a job full time and I commend them, however this is a hobby for me and at times it takes up too much of my time. With that in mind I’ve neglected certain other aspects of my life and have decided to put them back in front of blogging, yes I will still be posting and filming, but it will be more sporadically. Right, with all that said and done, here are my top 10 things (In not particular order) I would like for my birthday tomorrow – yes I know the chances of me actually getting these things is pretty slim, but a wishlist is exactly that… A list of wishes 😉

FitBit Charge £79.00 at Amazon
FitBit Charge £79.99 at Amazon

I have had a FItBit Zip for 18 months now and wear it almost daily (Except for when the battery needed replacing). I think its a great way of challenging yourself to walk further and perfect if your partner has one too (Nothing like some friendly competition). Still I wanted something a bit more and I love the additional features of the Charge, especially that it also includes stairs, a watch and the sleep feature to name a few. I was going to get it in Burgundy, however not being one to like waiting and also loving Amazon’s reduced pricing I will be ordering mine in black. This is one item on my wishlist I will be getting, but probably one of only a few.

Foxylocks Caramel Blonde #20 - Volumizer 20" Clip In Human Hair Extensions 50g £46.00
Foxylocks Caramel Blonde #20 – Volumizer 20″ Clip In Human Hair Extensions 50g £46.00

For those who follow my instagram you may have seen I recently got a new set of Foxylocks 20″ Caramel Blonde extensions for Christmas from Mark. I ombre them myself and they look amazing. However, I do love the volumising strips with my extensions and want to get one of those and colour it too. I find with the volumising wefts, you can wear them with less extensions for a more natural look or with all of the clip ins for a bigger, fuller head of hair (I use mine a lot for hair up dos). I will probably end up getting this at the end of the month, but yes its something I would have liked for my birthday too.

River Island Longline Ribbed Cardigan £35.00 at ASOS
River Island Longline Ribbed Cardigan
£35.00 at ASOS

I have had this cardigan saved in my ‘Wishlist’ on ASOS a while now and adore it for Spring. I love knitwear, especially cardigans and love the colour of this. Being a lighter camel colour it will be great for now till Springtime but also wearable on those days when its not warm enough to go without a coat yet too. I love the cut, love its length, I basically just love this cardigan! That and I find River Island comes up a nice fit and cut in their clothing!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Adults Suck Bright Coral Mini Tablet Case £25.00 at Harvey Nichols
Marc by Marc Jacobs Adults Suck Bright Coral Mini Tablet Case £25.00 at Harvey Nichols

I swap and change my cases a lot but recently have just wanted a hard backed case for my ipad. Great idea but I don’t like leaving the screen unprotected when I’m not using it, so have been looking at sleeves. I love this bright coral design and am a huge fan of the accessories by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Got to love a sales bargain too. I also love the Right Up Your Allie Black case too (Link here) which is the same price, so if I do have any extra funds may have to order one of these!

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner £18.00 at House of Fraser
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner £18.00 at House of Fraser

I know this is a random one, but I’ve bought about 4 gel liners recently and every one of those has been shit! One of the best higher end ones I’ve ever used was the Bobbi Brown one in Black Ink and if I’ve vouchers this is something I can see me getting. I wear gel liner EVERY DAY, so its a good investment too.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light £38.00 at Space.NK
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light £38.00 at Space.NK

If there is ever a time a girl should be able to glow from within, then shouldn’t that time be on her birthday? I’ve swatches the Diffused Light Ambient Lighting powder from Hourglass and had it on my personal wishlist ever since. I can’t justify the £38 for it, however on your birthday you should be able to splurge and I feel that this would be an acceptable addition to my collection.

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake  Large Jar £19.49
Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake
Large Jar £19.49

Mark spoilt me at Christmas by getting me a Yankee Candle and me falling in love with it. I’ve always been big on home fragrance and nearly always have some kind of diffuser or candle on the go. I love sweet smells and the Vanilla Cupcake candle is just edible (Well, no not literally but you know what I mean). This is something I will pick up myself at some point, but at present I’ve still got some Christmas Cookie left, so there’s no rush.

Jo Malone™ Vanilla & Anise Cologne, 30ml £40 at John Lewis
Jo Malone™ Vanilla & Anise Cologne, 30ml £40 at John Lewis

I’ve wanted a Jo Malone fragrance for as long as I can remember now, I NEVER buy myself fragrance, its always something someone else buys me. I adore spicy sweet scents and know that the Vanilla and Anise would be perfect for me. A pricey investment, but definitely a worthwhile one. The Red Roses fragrances also sounds amazing too.

Unsure which model yet I'm buying, this one is the Reebok iRun
Unsure which model yet I’m buying, this one is the Reebok iRun

I’ve not decided on which treadmill I’m buying yet, but this is where the main bulk of my birthday money is going. I used to walk about 4-6 miles a day which really did help keep me toned and in better fitness, but with one thing and another I stopped and need to build my strength up again. A treadmill at home would be great for this. I also use a cross trainer which we own and I love, but I’m hoping the treadmill will end up getting used by Mark too as he enjoys walking.

Fiorelli Leah Crossbody £45.00
Fiorelli Leah Crossbody £45.00

I really want a new handbag, something smaller as I nearly always have huge bags which are like bottomless pits! The Leah Crossbody is gorgeous and just the right shade of tan, I’m just not sure if the size is right. Either way I usually spend about £50+ on a bag so am sure to find something and with that will then come a new matching purse (The Leonie is gorgeous in tan £30.00!) I like to coordinate after all.

So, there you have it. My 39th Birthday wishlist. I nearly always end up picking things after my birthday and in the sales. See, having a January birthday can have its benefits (Although only when people give you vouchers and money!).

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*Credit for Grumpy Cat ‘Happy Birthday’ sketch source – Happy Birthday by Babsdraws