Bio Essence 24K Gold Water

24K Gold Water? Who wouldn’t be intrigued to try something different and unique like that? The new (skin care) kids on the block with a host of other great products come from Bio Essence. I’ve been trying this out for a few weeks now and wanted to finally share my thoughts.

Like a magpie drawn to sparkly things, I love a product that looks great but also performs. The gold particles in the 24K Gold Water are eye catching. Being quite large flakes I did wonder if they’d absorb into my skin, but they disappear completely with massage. Surrounding the gold particles is a gel like liquid. It feels just like a toner as you apply it on the skin but has the texture of water. I can’t find a better way to describe this toner/hydrating cleanser/serum. In fact, I’m uncertain what to even class it as! I can say it does mattify the skin but did not make my dry patches look more visible.

The 24k Gold Water from Bio Essence also comes with some big claims. I don’t usually read about the claims of a product before using it. But this one had me by the throat (Or should that be skin?) and I wanted it desperately to be amazing and work!

An essence as light as water with the benefits of a serum, let your skin glow like gold and fight free radicals with 24K Bio-Gold Gold Water. Use day and night to achieve 6 aspects of perfect skin with this hero product!

Tightened Pores – Clinically proven to tighten pores for fine and smooth skin

Firmness & Suppleness – Improves skin’s elasticity to prevent sagging

Defy Wrinkles – Plumps up skin to defy wrinkles and fine lines for a younger looking complexion, restoring youthfulness

Balanced Sebum– Regulates moisture and balances sebum production,, leaving skin evenly moisturised and matte

Energised Skin– Activates skin renewal for a youthful and healthy skin

Luminous Radiance– Restores a naturally glowing complexion*source*

I do not have the full range of Bio Essence products but have be using the 24K Gold Water along side the Miracle Finisher which I’ll be reviewing shortly. In my skin care regime I’ve been cleansing, then using the 24K Gold Water, moisturising then applying the Miracle Finisher. I have been using both products twice a day too. Here are my findings with my skin since using them;

  • Instantly after using the 24K Gold Water my skin feel hydrated. But there was no ‘substance’ feeling on my skin.
  • My skin looked plumper.
  • The pores on my forehead, around my cheeks and even my nose looked smaller. Over time using this product as I’m almost 3 weeks in now I’ve found they have minimised.
  • My frown lines do not look as pronounced.
  • My psoriasis around my nose has not reacted with this product. In fact its improved slightly. Coincidence? Who knows.
  • I have less tired looking skin. There is a radiance. In honesty I’ve been wearing less makeup as my skin’s been looking so good.
  • When applying my makeup after using the Bio Essence products it lasts longer on my skin and looks smoother.

Now bare in mind not all these things I noticed happened straight away. I think with all good skin care sometimes its constant use that helps the products work. A product like the 24K Gold Water definitely has improved my skin over time of using it. I’m so surprised that my findings have matched the claims that I now need to buy more of the range to see how that performs. The 24k Bio-Day and Night creams are on my list to buy. So make sure to look out for their reviews in the future.

To conclude, I’ve tried hard to fault this product. It cannot be perfect after all can it? I think maybe I could pick at the price £16.99 for 100ml. But you use so little of the product each time (Maybe a penny sized amount) that its going to last ages. I’ve been using this 3 weeks and haven’t even used a third of it! I’m not saying this product will work for everyone, but feel that it will work for many. I’m in love and will continue to use and purchase the 24K Gold Water from Bio Essence for the foreseeable future.

The Bio Essence 24K range can be purchased from Superdrug. Bio Essence 24K Gold Water costs £16.99 for 100ml. Currently Superdrug have an offer, so it’s worth checking out ASAP!!

For more information on Bio Essence and their products, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?