Hand cream isn’t something you will see me review a lot, surprising really as I wear it daily and apply it frequently! Today’s review is on the Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream and how I’ve found it while testing it out this past week.

I’ve been lucky in that I’m blessed with young looking skin. In my family we have really good genes and none of the ladies on my Mum’s side look their age. However, if you ever want a true idea on how old someone is, look at their hands. The hands show age more so that any other part of your body. You see people having face lifts, but how often do they have hand ones? Hand creams really help with keeping your hands young, they keep the skin subtle, moisturised and looking good. I also suffer with dry hands, add to that I fake tan too and you don’t want your tan looking patchy there – well, now you can see why I use so much hand cream! However, not all hand creams I’ve used agree with me but the Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream has been perfect.

Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream

Here is some information on the Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream….

Bee Good’s natural Honey & Crambe Daily Hand Cream is rich yet easily absorbed, this hard-working hand cream is packed with skin-quenching ingredients to seriously soften hands and cuticles.

The active active ingredients include moisturising British wild flower honey, British propolis renowned for its antibacterial properties, skin-softening panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), antioxidant vitamin E and nourishing British crambe oil. British borage oil and camelina oil provide rich sources of essential fatty acids to strengthen and protect the skin.


Firstly, I liked the packaging and the size of the hand cream. Its a 50ml tube, so perfect for the hand bag as its not too big. It has a flip top lid, so is secure and great for on the go. I always have a least one hand cream in my hand bag plus numerous ones around the house (As I mentioned I’m obsessed with hand cream), but while testing this one out I tended to carry it around with me so I only used this one.

I like my hand creams to absorb well, for my hands to feel moisturised after, but not feel greasy. I like them scented, but due to sensitive skin this can sometimes cause issues and cause me reactions. The Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream is made from super good things including honey, bees wax, crambe oil and with panthenol, so I knew it would be good for my hands and nails (Lets not forget, hand creams good also for your nails and keeping those cuticles nice and soft). My hands felt lovely and soft after use and hours after, they also had a lovely natural scent to them. This wasn’t heavy at all and reminded me of neroli and honey. My hands didn’t have that sticky, clammy feel to them either some hand creams can leave you with.

Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream

Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream

Over all, I’ve loved using the Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream. It works like a dream, smells amazing and I love that the product doesn’t contain parabens, synthetic colours, mineral oil, silicon, SLS or SLES. So, its good for your hands too! On a sensitive skin note, I did not have any reactions to this product either.

The Bee Good Honey and Crambe Daily Hand Cream is available from Bee Good and costs £9.00 for 50ml.

For more information on Bee Good, why not check out their Website, Facebook and Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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