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When I think of hand wash it doesn’t conjure up exciting images. However today on the blog though I have two beautifully present hand washes from Baylis & Harding. These will not only look stunning in your bathroom but they also smell amazing too.

When it comes to beautiful looking packaging that looks both elegant and expensive, Baylis & Harding always have your back in my books. All their products are always presented beautifully, I often look to them for gifts. Especially when they are so affordable.

The new Spring 2017 designs of the Royale Bouquet hand washes are limited edition and beautifully designed with a whimsical romantic feel to them. In simple clear bottles with a push style pump and a 3D flower decal on the front. I was impressed at the size of the product being 450ml (15.2 fl.oz), there is a generous amount of product.

In the collection are 3 different fragrances; Rose and Honeysuckle, Lemon Blossom and White Rose and lastly Lilac and English Lavender. I have the Lemon blossom and white rose and lilac and english lavender which I’ve been testing this week.

With the lemon blossom and white rose, instantly you can pick out the citrus scent but there is also an underlying floral fragrance. It lingers on your hands and in the air after use and made my bathroom smell amazing.

My person favourite by far is the lilac and english lavender hand wash. There’s a beautiful floral scent with a calming lavender undertone. I know many think of lavender being a mature fragrance, but this is fresh and reminds me of Spring. This also lingers on your skin after use and leaves my bathroom smelling like a meadow!

What impressed me the most about these 2 hand washes from Baylis & Harding was how well they lasted. 1 pump was more than adequate to freshen my hands leaving them clean and feeling soft. With so much product in each bottle they will clearly last a long time too.

The Royal Bouquet hand wash collection from Baylis & Harding is available exclusively at House of Fraser stores and online. Each of the hand washes cost £5.

For more information on Baylis & Harding and their products, please check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter.

Baylis & Harding Royale Bouquet Hand Wash Collection
4.5Overall Score
Ease of use
Measures up to its claims
Value for money