Batiste Naughty Dry Shampoo Special Edition

Are you feeling naughty or nice today? Batiste has released two special edition dry shampoos exclusively at Boots and I’ve the Naughty one to share my thoughts with you on.

Batiste Naughty Dry Shampoo Special Edition is a white based dry shampoo

Let your hair down with Naughty! The mystic and seductive scent will leave you feeling confident and your hair smelling gorgeous.

Refreshes hair with a bold and enchanting fragrance.


1 – Shake well. Hold can 30cm/12in from dry hair, section & spray into roots.
2 – Massage thoroughly with fingertips to ensure roots are fully covered.
3 – Brush through to remove excess residue and style as desired.*source*

In our household Batiste dry shampoo is used regularly. With teenage daughters who are always raiding my stash I’m lucky to get my hands on dry shampoo! I will be hiding this Naughty edition though as I’m rather taken by the fragrance.

The fragrance of Naughty is definitely more ‘heady’. Unlike many of the Batiste products this one has more of a musk like floral scent. I really like it and would use this dry shampoo anytime, but this would work very well for your evening senses.

Since taking my hair shorter I find I’m reaching for dry shampoo more again. Dry shampoo is great for refreshing your hair but also creating volume. With my new Pixie cut, something I need every day! Since receiving the Batiste Naughty, I’ve found myself reaching for it more than the Tropical (And that’s my all time favourite Batiste).

I’ve not smelt the Nice Batiste edition but I will definitely be going to grab one when I’m in town next. Batiste will always rank up as one of my favourite dry shampoos. They are affordable, they work and the fragrances are always good. I’m definitely feeling Naughty today, are you?

The Batiste Dry Shampoos in Naughty or Nice are both available exclusively while stocks last at Boots stores and The retail at £3.29 for 200ml.

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