I’ve never hidden my love of Batiste dry shampoos, I really can’t do without them. Used on an almost daily basis I go through them quite quickly and am always trying new scents and editions as they are released.

I recently saw in my local Boots they have released a new scent – Cherry. I couldn’t help myself and had to buy it there and then! If you’d like to see my reaction to smelling it for the first time check out my YouTube: Shopping and Hair Updates video.

The can is super cute with its cherry design all over the can – I almost felt a little retro! It reminded me of the fruit prints in the mid 80’s! I really love the print designs on the Batiste cans as it makes it easier to find what you are looking for (Or harder if you have never tried their products as there is so much choice!!).

The scent of Batiste Cherry is a fruity mix of cherries and apples in my opinion. Maybe with a hint of strawberry in there too. Either way it is lovely and smells great. Your hair carries this scent too – I’ve said it before but Batiste really is fabreeze for your hair with the added benefit it freshens your hair making it look less greasy and cleaner again too giving it more volume!

Labeled as a fruity and cheeky scent I think this one is going to be one of my top favourites! What better way to get rid of the Winter and bring on the Spring with the scent of cherries and summer fruits!

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Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo is around £2.99 for 200ml and available in Boot, Superdrug and many supermarkets.

Have you tried it yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx